March 17, 2008

Greil Marcus and Shannon McArdle talk and sing history

Here's an hour of esteemed author-critic Greil Marcus (Mystery Train, Lipstick Traces) talking with some folks at Barnes & Noble in New York City about his 2006 book The Shape of Things to Come, which attempts to connect the cultural significance of several disparate artists in the context of three historic speeches. I haven't read the book but I respect a good deal of Marcus' writing, some of which he shares during the chat. We're also treated to a handful of songs by Shannon McArdle (ex-Mendoza Line, ex-Slow Dazzle), who is one of my (and apparently Greil's) favorite female singer-songwriters out there.

It's a little dry at times and the volume is frustratingly low, but if you're into American history at all and can tolerate Marcus' sometimes reaching prose, it's an educational and musical treat.

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  1. And I didn't know what to do with myself when a friend cancelled plans on me for tonight. Perfect timing!