March 27, 2008


Artist - Pluramon

Street Date - Out Now

Label - Karaoke Kalk

Hometown - Germany

RIYL - 80's / early 90's Shoegaze, Portishead, Julee Cruise, whispery girl vocals, M83

Son of a....yet another record that slipped passed me upon its release late last year. This record was practically made for me- electronic shoegaze with breathy female vocals by none other than Julee Cruise (Of Twin Peaks "Falling" fame) as well as Julia Hummer and Jutta Koether who share occasional vocal duties.

This is a lush less threatening version of M83's sonic elegance with the addition of ethereal vocals on nearly every track and it is a genuinely gorgeous record.
If I had to measure this record's worth according to the Richter Scale it would be defined as major.


  1. the grammar police sez: it's "Julee"

  2. Cut me some slack you - I was rushing this out to get to the aiport for our honeymoon. Hmph!

    I mean thank you for catching my stupid mistakes.