March 7, 2008

A short but true story about the evolution of the universe and Morrissey

There were a series of candles along the mantle in need of extinguishing. We were preparing for bed and Sam leaned in to blow air from left to right across the flames as if making a massive birthday wish. The final candle was being stubborn and its glowing ember remained for several seconds. Without hesitation I serenaded the now dark room with a slightly flat version of The Smiths "There's a Light that Never Goes Out" I have no idea where that came from. I can't recall the last time I heard that song or listened to The Smiths yet out it spilled from my lungs as if the words and melody had been placed there just minutes before waiting for its waxy cue. I conferred with Sam to ask if that was indeed the name of the song and whether it was a Morrissey or a Smiths tune. He knew the answer to both questions and I found that incredibly comforting.

Our heads were then placed on pillows and eyes were closed. We were that much closer to sleep when Sam blurted out into the black "The Big Bang Theory is BULLSHIT!" This is a strangely typical kind of declaration I can expect from him in our home so instead of sitting up in bed with eyes glaring towards the crazy man in bed next to me and asking what the hell??? I remained stationary, silent, and all accepting. This is actually a typical night in our life.

There was a slightly delayed follow up statement from his lips regarding something about trends in science and then within seconds Sam was sound asleep.

More of the usual, I am now wide awake. My brain is easily pushed into action and presently I am pondering the rest of the songs found on The Queen is Dead, what other fads in science are in need of a verbal smack down and if Keats, Yeats, Wilde, or Morrissey would write any of this down.


  1. Brie just giggles, carries on her part of a conversation with zero recollection, and every once in a while extends a leg straight up while holding onto her foot with one or both hands, but no bold scientific proclamations yet. Me, I'm perfectly normal.

  2. just for the record i said the big bang theory was bullshit because i don't believe the universe had a "begining", its just always been (its eternal)

  3. I liked this story. Like, a lot.

    The "waxy cue" part had me in stitches!

    Sigh. I miss Richmond. Maybe we can schedule a visit soon? That'd be nice.


  4. Sam, check out the Hadron.

    Also, if you take into account that time began at the Big Bang, then your theory and the current scientific theory are not mutually exclusive.