March 10, 2008

Texas is the reason?

I haven't seen this news story in the American music blog world yet but maybe its because everybody in the music world appears is making their way to Texas for SXSW. (alas not me)

Or maybe music journalists stateside don't find this story newsworthy. Oh the humanity!


"Post-punk cult legends Robyn Hitchcock (The Soft Boys) and Andy Partridge (XTC) are working on a collaborative album together.The duo are currently recording songs together in Partridge’s shed in Swindon, reports Billboard.Hitchcock explained the reasons behind their collaboration, saying: “I think it’s good for me to be brought up against somebody else, another songwriter. I really think about how everything fits together.“[It’s] a self-generating project. I write the words on the train going up to Swindon and then, bang, we record it in his shed.”


  1. odds of them going on tour: 1 million to one.

  2. I wouldn't rule it out. Peter Buck toured with Hitchcock on the last album.

  3. yeah but partridge is notoriously stage-shy.