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This website as a project is a thing that fills us with excitement and pride.  What began as an almost geekish indulgence has fast developed into a really useful resource for anybody with an interest in gadgetry and technology – and in particular in the cutting-edge products  manufactured by Apple.  From humble beginnings tens of thousands of visitors now call upon this site each and every month – reading our reviews, contributing material of their own and checking out whatever’s new.  It is a thriving, growing hub by anybody’s standards.

As the owners of the site our aim is to make it as informative and as interactive as it is realistically possible for it to be.  This means user involvement, and input from visitors on a regular and meaningful basis.  Rather than becoming a vehicle for three men to speak to their audience, we want to encourage an audience whose members speak to one another.  Different ideas, different viewpoints, different preferences, united only by our respect for modern technology.

We are three ordinary Swedish guys with a hobby which has taken on a momentum of its own.  We want to build on this momentum and to create a hub for technology enthusiasts worldwide.  The industry is moving forward at break-neck speed, and our challenge as a team is to try to keep pace with new inventions and new systems.

There are many different ways in which our visitors can help us to build the site.  One is to contribute articles, and you can read more about that by clicking the link.  Another is to become one of our sponsors, about which more below:

Why We Want Sponsors

To develop this website to its fullest potential requires support.  Support, of course, from our visitors but also the material support which comes with sponsorship.  The greater the resources at our disposal, the more we are able to put into the site and the better its output will be.  Commercial sponsorship will give us the time and the freedom to expand our efforts and to reach out to a bigger audience than ever before.

Our ambition is to provide the ultimate review site for all the latest technology and gadgets, both Apple and by other manufacturers.  The more backing we can attract the closer we can get to realising that ambition.  It’s a win-win for everybody concerned.  It is an exciting prospect, but a daunting one.

How You Can Sponsor Us

If you or your business can sponsor our project we will incorporate your brand logo and product description on our dedicated sponsorship page.  With some 14,000 unique visitors each month and growing that is a big new audience for you and for your business.

Our intention is to recruit four sponsors, on a strictly first-come first-served basis.  If you think you may be interested we would love to speak to you.  Please contact the blog team either by filling out the form below or by e-mail at [email protected] to discuss terms.