About Us

Users of Apple technology are generally speaking a loyal bunch, faithful to the brand and to the vision it has so successfully projected down the years.  Having lost the first round in its epic PC battle with that other giant Microsoft, Apple made a conscious decision to change its emphasis and hasn’t really looked back since.  It is not by accident that today the iPad and iPhone dominate in their respective niches, but rather as a consequence of having designed a brilliant strategy and, more importantly, a brilliant range of products.

There are three essential reasons for Apple’s phenomenal success in the market.  First, and most simply, Apple took the trouble to find out what people actually wanted and designed its gadgets to meet that demand.  However showy its products may be, more than anything else they are functional.  On top of that – and here’s the second secret to their dominance – they are relatively easy to use.  Functionality and ease of use have been the firm basis of Apple’s winning formula.

The third and final component of the company’s successful approach has been its excellent reputation for customer service.  Paradoxically, their simplicity of use means that ordinary purchasers are finding ever more sophisticated applications are suddenly within their grasp, and Apple’s staff are primed and ready to assist them in developing their knowledge and skills.  Apple has a proud reputation of being right at the cutting edge when it comes to nurturing and investing in its own customer base.

So Where do We Come into All This?

First let us introduce ourselves to you.  We are Anders Lang, Edvin Olander and Finn Winter from Stockholm in Sweden, and we love Apple electronics.  We are three ardent computer enthusiasts and our passion is to review products and technology, mostly made by Apple of course, on our blog.  Originally this was done as a hobby, a mere labour of love if you like, but as it developed and as our visitor base grew it became apparent to us that we could make real money from the project, through sponsorship and other means.  Take a look at our Instagram account or sign up to our newsletter for more information.

We believe in Apple, and in the customer experience it provides.  As regular users of Apple technology we know just how much it has improved the lives of so many users around the world.

You Can Help Us Too

We are always looking to increase the number of people who visit and use our site, and we are likewise always happy for others to contribute to our work.  Elsewhere on this site we explain how others can become involved, and can use us to promote their own efforts at the same time as providing us with valuable content.

Please take a look around this website and consider how we might help you.  Also bookmark us and come back to us frequently for updates and information on our work.