As a successful blog site, we are extremely interested in collaborating with others that may wish to advertise on our pages.

What we can provide:

We are happy to advertise products and services in several ways. Firstly, we are able to offer a range of banners that can appear on many of our different posts. We can provide statistics on request regarding the audience demographic and the views we receive to help you tailor your promotions to the best audience.

We are also open to discussions regarding featured posts that area based solely around the product of service you would wish to share with our readers. These posts can take the format of a review or can simply announce your promotion and help you share it with a wider audience. If this option seems attractive to you, you have to option to create your own content or have us create our own post based on your product or service. If you would prefer to create your own post, we do have strict guidelines about what we are able to accept. These guidelines are there to protect our reader’s interests and our reputation as one of the leading review sites of the year. A copy of these guidelines are available on request.

Most of our posts center around reviewing products that are relevant to our readers but we do also feature content such as ‘how to guides’ and ‘budget saving options’. We do usually focus on content surrounding Apple related products as this is our niche, however we do feature other brands from time to time. If you would like your products or services to appear in a specific post, this is a possibility.

Our standards of advertising:

We value each and every reader that scrolls through our pages and are committed to only producing and publishing high quality content that our audience will enjoy and benefit from.  For this reason we do not guarantee that we will be able to process your request to advertise with us. We select only the best and most appropriate products and services that we feel our readers would be happy to learn about. For those that are considering advertising with us we would request that you outline clearly how your product or service will meet our standards of advertising and we shall work with you from there to find the best way forward.

Despite our strict regulations regarding advertising, we really are open to discussions and innovative ideas so we encourage anyone interested to get in touch.

Get in touch:

If you would like to discuss any of the possibilities mentioned on this page (or even new ones!) you can email us using this address: [email protected]. Alternatively you can use the form below to get in touch.