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Since we started this blog from our own personal love of gadgets and technology we really understand what it is like when you first receive your latest gadget and take it out of the box for the very first time. We love the excitement and expectation that comes with it! We want to share that with you. You will notice that we regularly post about the latest products that we stumble across but we also want to hear which brands and devices are important to you. Let us know what you love about your latest purchase, what you think can be improved and most importantly, would you recommend it to a friend?!

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We would love to know what you think of our site! Please do get in touch if you would like to share your thoughts and feelings on any of our posts, or about the site in general. We welcome both positive and negative comments and try to build upon improvements where possible. If you would like to comment about a particular post, please do include the name or web address of the post itself so it is clear exactly which post you are referring to.

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When we first set up our blog, it was a fairly small venture, and the 3 of us (all friends from school in Oslo) were excited to share our love of all things Apple and technology with anyone that would read! Like all new businesses, things were fairly slow at fast, but now we are finding our popularity growing with every post. Requests to review products are flooding in and we are starting to be busier than ever! For that reason we would like to branch out and explore the idea of collaborating with other tech lovers from across the globe. We would love to feature more products and explore how well they work for different lifestyles and are looking for other tech lovers to get involved. If this sounds like something you would like to be part of – then get in touch!

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We are able to offer a range of advertising opportunities to businesses that would like to share their products or services with our readers. Of course we only advertise products that are relevant to our readers and are of high quality. We can offer advert placement (e.g. banners) on our webpages but can also develop feature posts if you would like more specific exposure. If you are interested in any advertising opportunities we would love to hear from you.

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