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Do you love to write about Apple or any other technology?

We at this site are passionate about computers and mobile phones.  The creation of the iPhone and the iPad, the Apple Mac and integrated digital technology have completely transformed the lives of countless people and in a few short years have changed the world beyond recognition.  It is honestly no exaggeration to say that the Internet has probably been the most significant invention since the wheel.

That is why we like to write about it – because there is just so much to say – but we would love to hear what you think about it too.  Has the rapid advance of technology been a good thing?  How as it changed your life?  And, specifically, how important do you believe has been the role of Apple in all of this?

Read on to learn how you can send us your contribution, and how doing so may benefit you:

Why Send Us Your Articles?

If you have something to say it is nice to think that somebody is going to hear it.  Our blog has an average of 14,000 unique visitors each month, meaning your thoughts and ideas are going to be shared with a huge number of people.  If you link to your own site within your article the spin-off in terms of visits could prove to be amazing, and that’s not to mention the backlink and the publicity that you and your work are likely to enjoy just through being read.  We can also direct visitors to your social media pages.

If you don’t want your identity to be known we’ll respect that and publish your work anonymously – just let us know in advance.  If you do, send us a picture and a short biography of yourself and we’ll attach it to your article.

What Should You Put In Your Article?

Write about whatever you like, just so long as it’s honest, printable and on-topic.  Your article doesn’t need to be about Apple as we review all sorts of modern technology.  Whilst we reserve the right to correct spellings and typing errors, the substantive text will be entirely your own.

We ask contributors to keep their submissions to between around 600 to 800 words.  Give it a punchy title that is relevant to the item and to the blog, and we will incorporate it.

Some Ideas for Your Article

So much of our lives involves the use and deployment of technology these days that the range of topics that you could write about is almost limitless.  But here are just a few suggestions which you might wish to consider:

  • Comparing and contrasting Apple with its rivals in the market
  • What makes Apple special for you?
  • How has technology changed your life?
  • What are your favourite gadgets and why?
  • Technological change – what does the future have in store for us?
  • Laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone?
  • How did we cope without mobiles and the Internet?

Just use the contact form below or e-mail [email protected] to message the blog staff.