It has to be Apple

All technology excites me, but some innovations excite me more than others.  I have a particular fondness for Apple products, which for me have both a technological and an innovative edge over the competition.

The iPhone has taken the world by storm.  So much so that many manufacturers of mobile ‘phones which were spoken of as being at the cutting edge of the industry just a few years ago are now almost unheard of to the newest generation of ‘phone users.  There is now an impressive range of models each with their own pros and cons but the principles that drive them all are unique within the industry.

Every smartphone was once a Blackberry

I came to the iPhone from the Blackberry, which for the benefit of younger readers was once the must-have amongst smartphones.  Indeed the name became synonymous with the concept to many, so much so that in its earliest days every smartphone, whether it was made by the company or not, was referred to as a “Blackberry”.  But trailblazers do not always go the course, and today the battle of the operating systems is very much between the iPhone and Android.

Being an Apple Mac user tends me straight away towards the iPhone, because they work so well together.  If, like me, you want to integrate your portfolio of gadgets as much as possible it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a whole bunch of devices around the place that don’t talk to one another.  Apple equipment comes as a family – if you have one, it makes sense to get the other.

Apple is the fastest option

Whether it is down to the software or the design of the handset, received wisdom has it that Apple is significantly faster than its rivals, especially when performing such tasks as editing video or opening large files.  Gamers who use some of the more intensive applications are especially grateful for this.  It also (for now), having been the poor relation to Android in the past, has the better camera.

According to its legion of admirers the iPhone and iOS are also more user-friendly than the competition.  Whether this is down to the fact that Apple builds both the software and the hardware for its ‘phone and is therefore in a better position to integrate it in a more seamless way I cannot say, but the fact that each new model generally shares the user features of the previous one would suggest that somebody believes perfection is close to being achieved.

Better apps earlier, Apple Pay

Apps are where it’s at these days, everyone uses them and they become ever more sophisticated.  The general consensus seems to be that Apple has the better apps, and it acquires them earlier than others.  When I use technology I want a head start.

One final feature of the iPhone that I like, and which will become increasingly relevant, is Apple Pay.  Being able to settle my bar tab with my mobile ‘phone is just so handy.  Some of the oppo have their own versions, but Apple has the advantage of familiarity and the importance of that just cannot be overstated.