Review – Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery


The makers of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional boast that it is the best and easiest data recovery software around for macOS, and there is much by way of anecdote and user testimony to back up their claim.

An essential tool for the seamless recovery of critical documents, photographs, videos and e-mails from any storage media based on High Sierra and older macOS versions, it is able to restore data from any internal or external storage device, or from Time Machine backups and BootCamp Partitions which have become lost or corrupted.  Perhaps most significantly, it is also capable of affecting recovery from unmounted, inaccessible and even encrypted hard drive volumes.


Specifically designed for ease of use, the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional system enables the performance and management of data recovery, including a handy “scan now and process later” capability which allows data to be identified through an image file and then recovered at a more convenient subsequent time.  It boasts a deep scan option for more intricate recovery operations, and offers a free initial download to generate a preview of work that needs to be recovered.

Tutorial – Recovering Deleted Files With Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery


  • Restores from any external or internal storage device, backups and partitions
  • Enables recovery from inaccessible, unmounted and encrypted HDD volumes
  • Scans data to an image file for later processing, enabling effective time management
  • Free download of data preview before purchase
  • Deep scan option for more challenging retrievals
  • Works with different file systems and drive formats
  • Globally recognised and award-winning performance


  • Time estimates on software’s menu can be pessimistic
  • Does not provide send-in recovery service, required to retrieve files from a solid-state drive


There are two overarching requirements of a decent data recovery software package, the first is that should work and the second is that it should not be difficult to use.  After all, the less technologically proficient a user is the more dependent that user is likely to be upon such a tool in the first place.  

The Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional system is, as the name suggests, the senior of two packages.  Unsurprisingly it costs a little more than the non-professional system, but it is still a highly economical tool which performs data recovery with a success rate that is at the very least the equal of most of its more costly competitors.  As such it is a must-have piece of software for any user with a need to recover deleted or corrupted files.

Quite apart from its excellent performance when rising to the challenge of the job in hand, one of the virtues of this particular piece of software is its sheer versatility.  It recovers data from iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Book Pro, in fact any storage media which is based on High Sierra or any older macOS versions.  

The deal-clincher is the handy free download, which enables a preview of the data identified for recovery before any commitment to purchase is required, enabling it to be acquired with absolute confidence in its data recovery capabilities.


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