Defense Tactics Used In Domestic Violence Cases

If you are charged under a domestic violence case, it’s your legal attorney who analyses the case details and decides the intensity. Whether a major or a minor case, there are a series of steps taken by the police when such cases are registered. Also, the attorneys from both parties need to check how severe the case is.

Classification of Domestic Abuse:

  • Domestic violence is not only physical abuse with the spouse. Having a controlling behavior or showing dominance over the victim also applies to it.
  • However, domestic abuse can be practiced in several ways. The victim must know their types to identify at any point of time they feel they are abused.
  • The dominating behavior when the spouse tries to control you with behavior that doesn’t justify your feelings. It is categorized as domestic violence.
  • Any life-threatening activity either done physically or via calls.
  • If your spouse is manipulating your financial resources or your income, it comes under financial abuse.
  • Continuously manipulating and brainwashing of victim’s thought process. Also, developing the feeling of insecurity in them is an emotional abuse.
  • Physical abuse includes gestures to hard-hitting activities. It can be slapping, pushing, beating, scratching, hitting, kicking, biting, etc.
  • It can also be torturous activities like drowning, hitting with an object, or any attempt to burn the victim.
  • Sexual abuse both by verbal and physical means.

Defense Against Domestic Violence:

Now, you are in the court of law. Proceedings have begun and criminal defense attorneys in Colorado have proven defense strategies ready to win the case. If the police report is consistent with the case, then your defense will lie in certain categories. They are:

Not Present On The Crime Scene:

If you claim your presence, you must have proof to support it. The lawyer will check the facts like call recordings, witnesses, contact neighbors, etc. Have concrete proof of your presence

It is a False Story:

There’re chances that the spouse must have fabricated the entire story. If you have used this defense strategy, your lawyer will check the police reports and compare it with the story for a clear picture.

The Injury Was Unintentional:

This means the entire scene was an accident. On such a defense trick, the lawyer will investigate the premises or the accident scene. It is done to confirm the consistency of the case.

It was the Victim’s Fault:

You admit that you assaulted the victim but it was a result due to the victim’s bad behavior that instigated you to do so. If such is the case, the lawyer will assess the story with crucial facts tending to such behavioral outcomes.

The Self-Defense Formula:

This is one of the popular claims that defense attorneys use during a domestic violence case. In that case, the attorney will check the police report and match the same with the stories of both parties. They will closely monitor the injuries of the victim along with the defensive injury. Any inconsistency will prove the fact with an exact conclusion.

Now, after having a proper understanding of the matter, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.