September 30, 2011

Doves Covering The Smiths Circa 2002

I don't care if you aren't into opera.


"André Chénier, the most famous work by the Italian composer Umberto Giordano, is brought to life for the Opera on the Lake floating stage of the 2011 Bregenz Opera Festival in Bregenz, Austria by stage designer David Fielding under the artistic direction of David Pountney"

More information and images can be found here. And here.

September 29, 2011

Download The Gonerfest 8 Recap WRIR Show

Here is a link to tonight's radio show.

And here is a link to the set list.

And sadly I ran out of time for these songs but they were played in spirit.

Buick Mackane  - Ty Segall
Brain Zip  - Human Eye  
Senso Unico copy  - TwoTears
Memphis Blues  - The Reatards
Shake Real Low  - The King Khan & BBQ Show
Frustrate Me  - Carbonas
Tammy - Final Solutions

September 29th, 2011: Cause & Effect : Gonerfest 8 Recap

I'm baacccckkkk! After taking a few weeks off to heal from my accident, I will be on air tonight recapping Gonerfest 8 that took place in Memphis last week/weekend.

My interest in Goner Records started early on. I am a big fan of garage rock - new and old - and this label has always been among one of the most solid who don't just release this kind of music but certainly are best known for it. They began all the way back in 1993 releasing music by such luminaries as Guitar Wolf and The Oblivians. For those who don't know the label, it was founded by Eric Friedl of the Oblivians and over the years have released some damn fine music by artists like Jay Reatard (and all his various projects), King Khan, Eddy Current, Ty Segall...and that list goes on and on.

However Goner isn't just a record label, in 2004 Eric and Zac from The Final Solutions opened up a record store in Memphis, TN and they are still going strong. Not just as a flagship to the label but for all kinds of local music, garage, blues, indie rock, and so on.

Then in 2005 came Gonerfest and as you might have guessed by the name it is a music festival put on by the label / store. This annual event features bands on their label as well as bands from all over the world they dig, as well as showcasing some of the best music from the local scene as well.

So there you have it. A label. A store. A fest. A music nerd's dream come true and all quality. I attended my first Gonerfest this year and saw over 30 bands play from last Thursday to Sunday. I took in a lot of great music, bought a ton of cool records, and met some incredibly friendly people from all over the world. (So many Australians!) This seemed like the perfect time to finally celebrate all that is Goner related so tonight from 7PM to 9PM on Cause & Effect, I will be playing about 75% of the bands that played the fest and in order of their appearance at the fest. How is that for some nerdy shit? I will also spin some classic Goner artists and show off a few of the records I scored during my visit to Memphis as well. (A BIG thank you to Shangri-La Records for helping me find girl group records)

And I didn't take pictures of the shows because I gotta be honest. While I appreciate a photographer who can capture a live band well, I really hate the billion of people who take over audiences these days with their cell phones snapping terrible picture after blurry mess blocking the sight of all the people behind them. I hate them, they ruin the show experience for me and I dread being one of those people.

Stream the show live at WWW.WRIR.ORG or check back here in a day for the link to dowload the show and se the full set list.

September 20, 2011


According to this site:  "The as-yet-untitled project would revolve around a “super cool” 1990s all-girl band who, after 20 years of bad blood, tries to reunite though they’re no longer girls and no longer cool."
The article goes on to say, "“We both loved Spinal Tap and The Go-Go’s and this is a way to meld those together; what would The Go-Go’s be like if they had a huge horrible break-up and then reunited 20 years later?” Crittenden told THR. “We’ve since adjusted it to be like four Gwen Stefani [characters].”

And all brought to you by TWO FEMALE WRITERS no less. YAY ! (Seinfeld writer Jennifer Crittenden and Scrubs scribe Gabrielle Allan.). More ladies in Hollywood writing please.

High fives all around!

Choose Your Own Cause & Effect

WRIR's Summer Fund Drive is upon us. C&E will be having a very special show this Thursday, September 22. JJ will be manning the decks to host two hours focusing on the works, influences, and those influenced by the artists YOU, the Donor, choose! (And a HUGE thank you to JJ for covering for me this week!!!!)

Tune in to WRIR from 7pm-9pm. Call in and make your donation. In addition to the other premiums if you donate during this time, you will get to choose (from a pre-approved list) who C&E will be focused on.

Don't like the artist we're focusing on? Donate to have us switch it up!

Akron/Family $50
Animal Collective $100
Archers of Loaf - $100
The Band/The Last Waltz - $100
Broadcast - $50
Celine Dion $200
Dave Matthews Band $1,000
Falco $100
Grandaddy $50
Flaming Lips - $100
Guided by Voices - $100
Iron & Wine - $100
Justien Bieber $5,000
LCD Soundsytem $100
Magnetic Fields $50
Mogwai $50
Neutral Milk Hotel $50
Ninja Tune Records - $50
R.E.M $100
Radiohead $100
Siouxie and the Banshees - $50
Smog - $50
Spiritualized $50
Sufjan Stevens $50
Talking Heads $100
They Might Be Giants $50
U2 $100
Vampire Weekend $50
Velvet Underground $100
The Walkmen - $50
Wanda Jackson - $100

September 17, 2011

Fela Soul

Did you like the idea of Danger Mouse's Grey Album? Check this out!

"What do you get when you put together afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and rap pioneers De La Soul? You get Fela Soul; a musical tapestry created by Gummy Soul artist Amerigo Gazaway. More than just a clever title, Fela Soul is an 8-track, 33 minute journey into the world of afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Using dozens of hand-picked samples from the Nigerian instrumentalist and political figure Fela Kuti, and 8 carefully-chosen acapellas from the Native Tongue rap trio De La Soul, Amerigo seamlessly intertwines the two into something completely new and original."

Follow them:!/Gummy_soul
Donate to the cause at

Be sure to check out the video at:

Final Notes on the Bob Schick Show Are Now Posted!

I added them to my last post so everything (download links, set list link, and additional song info) would be all in one place. Go here to read them.

September 16, 2011

WRIR Fun(d) Drive Starts Today and Why You Should Care

It is that time of year again and our incredible local radio station needs your donations to help keep us going. We are 100% funded by our community and run 100% by volunteers like me.

Here are my top 10 reason why WRIR  is worth your donation:

1) Our quality of daytime programming like Democracy Now! and locally produced talk programs that spotlight local issues. It is just as important to know what is happening in your backyard as it is the rest of the world. We are THE go to place for what is happening in Richmond, VA - in real time. We are the mirror to our diverse and wonderful community. The more you listen to WRIR, the more you know your city. KNOW YOUR CITY! KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS! The more you know, the more there is to love.

2) Passionate, thoughtful music DJs bringing shows that can't be heard anywhere else on the planet. Our local talent pool simply blows my mind. I thought I knew a lot about music but then I talk to somebody like Buzzy and realize that I don't. Something you might not know about us too - WRIR has a small music library and while we do get some free records now and then, the bulk of the music you hear is stuff the DJs are pulling from their private collections. We all get to reap the benefits of these music obsessed people who spend hours working on their shows and who spend unspeakable amounts of money out of their pockets on music for their shows. The money people donated to the station NEVER goes to the staff who do shows. Your donation goes to paying WRIR's rent, keeping our equipment up to date and in working order, and keeping the lights on.

3) WRIR gives listeners something special and unique every day of the year. You know how when you listen to a mainstream radio station you hear the same crap over and over again? No two hours are the same at our station. We pride ourselves in bringing you the paths less traveled every hour of every day of every year.

4) We bring a service to the community by offering free public service announcements for not-for-profit community events and never run the risk of morphing into a Clear Channel entity. DIY FOR LIFE!

5) Our station staffed by regular folks just like you, all 150 + of whom donate their time. Yup, we really work for FREE.

6) WRIR has a webstream that lets you listen even if you're out of antenna range. This allows our small station to be heard all over the planet in real time. Plus many DJs offer listeners the gift of free podcasts of their shows so if you missed them at the regular time, you still have a chance to hear them. Do big stations cater to their listeners like this? Heck no. WRIR treats their listeners like family because you are. You are our neighbors.

7) We support local music, giving people all over the world the opportunity to hear music that would otherwise go unheard. We don't only just play their records on air, we interview them, AND the best part, now have a live room so they can perform live in our studio. We bring you one of a kind performances and without WRIR as a platform to make this happen, many of these bands and artists would go unheard. Where venues come and go - we are here to stay....but only with your help!

8) Our volunteers are active people outside the radio station. We aren't just hiding in the bubble of the radio station a few times a week. We go to your shows, shop and support your businesses, and are meaningful participants in the community that expand beyond radio. Speaking from personal experience being a part of a station has reminded me just how big, interesting, and dynamic Richmond can be and WRIR has inspired me to get out more and explore all that our city has to offer.

9) There are no robots picking and playing music. We are humans creating programming for our community. No robots. NO ROBOTS. I AM NOT A NUMBER! ! ! And commercial radio wouldn't quote The Prisoner either.

10) Surprises. Anyone who listens to WRIR on a regular basis knows what I am talking about. There is always something interesting to learn; be it news or music. I am in awe of things my brain is fed thanks to the hard work of the volunteers at the station and am a better person for all the things I learn from the programming. We all work for the station for free yet the quality never suffers. We are fueled by our passion to bring you the best of the best. Sure we aren't perfect, but that is part of our charm too. Imperfect moments on air keep things interesting and remind me that real humans are making this magic happen ever day.

Please consider helping us out by calling 804-622-9747 or visiting us at 1621-B West Broad Street during the drive, or by clicking here to donate online.

Thank you for listening to and supporting WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio, radio for the rest of us!

And for you Spinal Tap friends here is your ELEVEN. Me. I was born and raised on some of the best radio on the planet (WFMU) and that means my standard for quality programming is platinum. You won't hear my show anywhere else but on WRIR is it and if you aren't familiar with my show, allow me to recap what I spend up to 20 hours a week working on!
We trace the roots of a band or artists every week on Thursdays from 7PM to 9PM. Check out this list of bands we have covered so far! I don't pat myself on the back ever but when I look over this list of old shows, I feel pretty darn proud - so many great ones!
Some of the Bands Featured Since 2009 to Date:


Converge *
Iron & Wine
Wanda Jackson
Couples Who Rock
Tim Hecker
Greg Dulli / Twilight Singers
Neil Young
Bill Callahan / Smog
Flaming Lips
Alex of Grave Mistake Records*
Lucinda Williams
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Marvin Gaye
Archers of Loaf*
Drive By Truckers*
The Year Punk Broke
80's + 90's music from skate videos
Super Furry Animals
Cave In*
Sunshine Pop
Long Arms*

They Might Be Giants
Bob Schick of Honor Role / Coral / Dynamic Truths*
Jawbreaker *
Sufjan Stevens
Matador 21
Silkworm / Bottomless Pit *
Arcade Fire
Beastie Boys Samples
LCD Soundsystem
Sunno))) *
New Pornographers
Aphex Twin
Smashing Pumpkins
Cass McCombs
The Besnard Lakes
The National
Alex Chilton
Record Store Day Exclusives
Les Savy Fav
The Liars
The Replacements
Beach House
Four Tet
Air (record label input)
No Age
Jay Reatard
Sub Pops Owner Jonathan Poneman *
Richard + Linda Thompson
This One's for the Ladies (less known women in music from the past 60 years)
Built To Spill
Holiday season Songs (Non-Traditional)
Cocteau Twins
Never Heard of Them (under the radar new bands we like)
A Place to Bury Strangers
Kings of Convenience
Serge Gainsbourg
Scott Walker
Cramps (Songs they taught us)
Os Mutantes
Daniel Johnston
Math Rock (History of)
Sigur Ros (By Magic Bullet Records Owner / mega fan)
The Fall
Merge Records Catalog (Birthday show / label turned 20)
White Stripes
Siren Fest Recap
Cut Copy
Camera Obscura
Grizzly Bear
Of Montreal
Blonde Redhead
Coachella Review
Mini Cause & Effects (for newer bands)
Black Keys
Macrock In Review
Mates of State
Chad VanGaalen (Label Input)
Ruby Suns*
M Ward
Broken Social Scene
Love Is All
TV On the Radio
Animal Collective

* Artist Input

September 14, 2011

Peter Hook Goes Fugazi...

and stops a song mid show last night at the the Gramercy Theatre. 1:44 on the clock.

September 11, 2011

Missed My Interview with Bob Schick of Honor Role?

Fret no more, you can download the whole two hours right here.

The tracklisting for the show can be found here.

Here is another download. It is a continuous mix of the songs we didn't have time to play. There is about 30 minutes of music total and Bob promises to write up a few notes about why he picked these songs as being highly influential to him.

Fiction Romance    4:34    Buzzcocks    Operator's Manual           
Not Superstitious    4:19    Leatherface    Mush
I Just Want To Have Something To Do    2:42    Ramones    Road To Ruin
Poison    2:56    Motörhead -    Bomber           
Psychedelic Warlords    4:54    Hawkwind    Spirit of the Age - An Anthology 1976-1984           
Perspective    3:29    Peter Gabriel    Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch (Remastered)   
Tam Lin    7:12    Fairport Convention    Liege And Lief   
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight    3:09    Richard+ Linda Thompson    The Best Of Richard And Linda Thompson

And here is a note from Bob Schick himself about this last batch of songs.

Motorhead "Poison" is an early song with a ferocious vocal & a couple of interesting lyrics about drug damage & Lemmy's feeling for his father.
Hawkwind 'Psychedelic Warlords" My all time favorite badass band. More unhinged than Motorhead & it oozes menace.
Peter Gabriel "Perspective" This is a record I heard in the record store one morning in 1978 & was like nothing I'd heard before. I found it really intriguing(sp?) I took it home & listened to it over & over. At the time I was mostly listening to Rush, U.F.O., Aerosmith & some Beatles. It is a varied  record  & along with his third album always impresses me with its emotional depth. I love those two albums & am still moved by his empathy. I have respect for  him both as a performer & for his record label Realworld.

Fairport Convention "Tam Lin" I love the way Richard Thompson's guitar uses dissonance in the midst of very pretty folk music & Sandy Denny's lilting voice. A great combination of elements that maybe shouldn't go together but create a cohesive & stunning whole.
Richard & Linda Thompson "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight" Again Richard's guitar is fantastic, Linda's voice is so pure & the brass band helps create a perfect atmosphere. The lyrics are excellent as well. They paint such a vivid picture, you can almost see it. I've loved their music ever since I first heard it when Petey played it at Plan 9 nearly 30 years ago. How it fits in with my singing, I can't say for certain, but I know I've tried to create an atmosphere that can bring the songs to life.
        In conclusion, I want to thank Tracy & Kenny for putting this show together. I've had a wonderful time. I am also aware that I would not have had a chance to be on the show if it wasn't for each of the members of all the bands I was lucky enough to be part of. Thanks guys. If you know me, I hope you think of me who doesn't like to talk about myself, in general I try to be modest. Listening to me or reading these notes, I would like you to know that I do not think of myself as being talented or special, I just do what I do. But Since Tracy asked me, I'm privilaged to talk about music that has moved me. My hope is that it might impress someone that may have heard a band that they wish to investigate further. Or even just bring back memories.
                               Take Care,
                                    Bob Schick

September 10, 2011

Record Player Piggy Bank

You place a coin on the mini plastic turntable (made in Japan) where you would normally place a record. When you press the black button it then moves the arm the turntable and the record rotates. "I think" it then shoots the coin into one of the speakers.

I say "think" because I can't find any other articles about this toy bank. I originally found it on this GREAT Japanese site but since the page is translated by Google, it is a little hard to understand.

You've Never Seen Vinyl Like This

Warped vinyl records by Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa who work under the name L017. Check it out.

September 7, 2011

September 8th, 2011 : Cause & Effect : Bob Shick of Honor Role / Coral / Dynamic Truths /

Initially I had planned this blog post to say just say this.

"10 years ago I moved to Richmond, VA and what better way to celebrate than to have my favorite RVA vocalist of all time doing a Cause & Effect show with me!

Bob Schick, singer of the legendary band Honor Role / Coral / Dynamic Truths will be my guest for the full two hours of Cause & Effect. We will be playing the music that changed his life, his favorite tracks from the bands he has played in, and talking about his life as both an artist and a music fan.

Tune in and help me celebrate not only Richmond but one of the finest artists to have come out of this city.

WRIR - Thursday 7PM to 9PM EST- Sept 8th, 2011, 97.3 on your dial for locals and go to WRIR to stream the show live."

But then I got hit by a car last week as I was trying to cross the street and my whole life changed. The good news is I am still here to do a radio show and now Bob and I have even more to celebrate as he too is a survivor on a whole different level. (More about that on air)

I could be wrong but I don't think Bob Schick has been interviewed on a radio station in a decade - maybe longer? Because none of the bands he was in are active today he hasn't done many interviews in a long period time either so this two hour radio show is truly a special occasion. We have a lot to talk about, much ground to cover between his bands and the music he picked for the show. Ryan Adams, Bob Nastanovich from Pavement, Mac from Superchunk, and Mr. Rocket from the Crypt himself John Reis are just a small sample of the creative giants who all worship the bands of Bob Schick, did you know that? Well, it is true and what better way to find out why than to spend two hours listening to Cause & Effect.

We are blessed with a local radio station and a city that offers a platform to share his story as a gifted artist (cult legend!), husband, and father, not to mention his impeccable taste in music. Bob isn't just a musician he is a musicologist in his own right (and a wickedly opinionated one at that). This is a show not to be missed and I hope when WRIR has our fund drive in a few weeks and you have to ask yourself during these tough financial times if donating to the station is worth it, you will think of the special programming we bring the community, one of a kind shows and listening experiences like this one.

And for those of you who think you know Bob - I think there will be plenty of surprises for you to. (okay maybe not you Trinko....but for everyone else ;) His song choices I think will shock a lot of you!I personally can't wait to understand how Fairport Convention and Son House fit in.

Wait until the 36 second mark! This was said in front of a large theater of people at Matador 21 in Las Vegas last year by Bob from Pavement.

September 1, 2011

Bionic Woman

Tuesday afternoon I decided to walk (like I have done nearly every day of the 10 years I have lived in my apartment) to get some lunch. I was trying to cross the street at Monument and Meadow but since I didn't have the right of way on Meadow, I decided to cross Monument. With 16 seconds on the crosswalk sign I began to step into the street, waiting for a string of cars to turn that didn't want to give me the right of way even though legally I did have it.

   Here is where things get fuzzy but a police officer filled me on this part at the hospital. The last car I was waiting to pass was a large SUV and apparently behind it was the car that ending up hitting me. I couldn't see his car so when I began crossing Monument, his car picked up speed up about 15 or 20 MPH and struck me semi-head on. I was stuck by his bumper at the knees, flew up his hood, and then rolled up his windshield. When he finally hit the brakes, I was thrown forward several feet and landed back on Monument. Amazingly I never hit my head and remained conscious the whole time. The first person on the scene was a woman who also had a nursing background and like an angel she kneeled over me, blocking the sun from my eyes, holding my hand, telling me I was okay while we waited for the ambulance to come.

  And now for the extra crazy part. The driver did stop and stay on the scene, asked me if I was okay, however a "witness" was screaming at me that the driver had the right of way (not true) and that I set this man up to hit me. She began yelling about racial talking points, something about me setting up a black man to take the blame for something that was my fault. So as I laid on the road in agony, a fight broke out among the witnesses who were very angry at this crazy woman trying to blame me for being hit. One of the few memories I have of this time frame is me on the ground giving this crazy woman the finger because she was wrong on so many levels. This hit  had zero to do with anyone's color and had everything to do with me and the car that struck me being in a blind spot created by a big car between us. The police were on the scene in mere minutes and broke up this fight, removed the driver and the screaming lady from my area so I never saw either of them again. (THANKFULLY!) The sane people collected my glasses, my purse, phone and kept me focused on my breathing while we waited for the ambulance to arrive which again, only took minutes.

  At this point I don't think my positioned changed for the next 5 hours -flat on my back looking up and unable to look anywhere but up. It is maddening to be stuck this way with no other view point but up! I was strapped on my back onto boards, my clothes were cut off (good-bye vintage jumper), and they began the frantic hunt from head to toe to figure out where I was hurt and just how badly I was hurt. It is also at this point when you realize that you have entered the work day of the medical emergency community and while this is a traumatic event for you, you are still just part of their average work day. I listened to the sarcastic banter behind closed doors of the ambulance as the EMT people mock the police officer for not knowing what hospital they would be taking me to. Then in their line of questioning me to keep my mind off the injuries once all my stats were in, was comically about the EMT woman's distaste for RVA so I was asked funny things like "What brought you to this crappy city?"

  Once I was rolled into the trauma center I think is when I realized I might not be okay. I was told by EMT to be prepared for craziness in the hospital but when you have just been in an accident, at that point you can't imagine things getting weirder, but it does. Suddenly you have at least 5 people around you machine gun firing questions at you about your body as they touch, poke, prod, and pull things. It is so confusing to have a ton of strangers asking you questions all at once and while I know it is their job, it is so overwhelming and frustrating because it seems so disorganized and chaotic. I tried to answer all the questions but at this point my adrenaline was in full swing and I didn't really know what end was up. I couldn't stop shaking which made simple things like getting an IV difficult. In a perfect world you would be still and act like an ideal patient but your body will just do what it wants to do. I was given endless amounts of Xrays and then taken into a new room for cat scans. A chaplain was brought in quite early and I have to be honest, this is what scared me the most. I thought instantly of last rights but in reality she was called in to see if I needed comforting and to let me know Kenny was already there. (a woman who had my phone when I was first stuck called Kenny and told him I was being taken to MCV) I spent a good 4 or 5 hours in the trauma area - still mostly flat on my back - and so HUNGRY because I had not really had breakfast and never made it to lunch. Kenny was allowed back to stay with me so as scary as this all was, having Kenny by my side kept me grounded and feeling safe. With nothing to do but lie there (too ouchy to talk) Kenny and I overheard what all people sound like when they are at work with downtime. You overhear the chatter of people being people who again, are not in a strange place, they are just at work.

  Test results showed that miraculously nothing was broken. There was no internal injuries or head wounds. When you look at my body there are only minor abrasions across my knees , elbows, and hands. Looking at me you you would never know I was hit by a car and thrown off the windshield. While I am in aces shape on the outside, I am however very sore and relatively immobile. I can walk sort of but for the most part, moving most of my body is next to impossible. I have my hands but I am in head to toe agony otherwise. It hurts to breathe. I have a non stop minor headache and am at my weakest I think I have ever been.

   At 6 AM yesterday my morning nurse review my accident report and asked if I understood how lucky I was because few people survive that kind of hit. I think that is when I really understood what I had just survived. Having the hospital staff consider me a miracle is not something I take lightly and I am truly grateful for all the fast, top notch care I have been given - Kenny being at the top of the list.

  There are so many thank yous to offer. The first woman at the scene of the accident who comforted me until the police and ambulance came and other neighbor who called Kenny for me. The police and EMT for arriving so quickly on the scene. For MCV for being very thorough and finding me a private room that Kenny was allowed to stay in with me over night. There were so many tremendous nurses who comforted me in very personal sweet ways.

  So here I am. Alive. YAAAY!!!! I know it will be a long recovery process but there is too much to celebrate than curse right now. My biggest fear and dread in all this is my lack of health insurance. It sucks that I can't focus on healing when all I can think about is how poor I am and how without health insurance, this accident could ruin me financially. I am really hoping that the car insurance of the guy who hit me will cover everything but who knows. Sad this this is where my head is at now but this is the reality for those of us who live without healthcare.

  And one last thank you - to my friends and family. Being able to see comment on Facebook truly helped me feel less alone and loved. You have no idea what kind of power to heal that offers. THANK YOU ! ! !