French Bands You’re Going To Love

As I have noted before on this blog, I have a love for good French music. Not the old-school Jazz style songs, which most associate with French sounds, but instead, I’ve recently started appreciating bands who offer upbeat pop coupled with a little bit of Indie rock.

If you are looking for an introduction to some new bands, below are three rather varied French one’s for you to give a listen to. Who knows, listening may even help you improve your ability to speak the language a little more fluently – or impress your partner with your knowledge of French lyrics and terms.


The group L'Impératrice is composed of six French artists, with their lead singer Flore Benguigui. Their electro-pop style is both futuristic and retro, with catchy beats that are incredibly hard to dislike. Their lyrics are decidedly relevant to society today, with social commentary prevalent in music videos such as Peur des Filles.

In fact, that music video alone makes an incredibly bold and direct statement on the current world we live in, along with the very coolly dismissive attitude as to where misogyny can stick it – though be aware it does contain more than a little gore – so not one to watch with kids around. Some tracks to listen to if your new to their space-age style are Submarine, Tako Tsubo, and Digital Sunset.


This Indie rock group showcases the talents of Nathan Bellanger and Arthur Allizard, alongside Mélissa Dubourg, and Sofian El Gharrafi. Their band name is a tribute to the area of Normandy in which they all hail from. Their music is definitely influenced by the 1960s and has been compared to rock garage music with catchy melodies and a slight disco-pop influence. They made a name for themselves at music festivals, and their single which debuted in 2012 was called Jersey. If you’re listening to them for the first time, then their songs Adolescent and Les Voiles are certain to give you a good overall feel for what they can produce.

There are many other French bands worth checking out like Fauve, Rendez-Vous and Cocoon, but the above three are a good introduction into the current popular local French favourites. Which band are you most excited to start listening to?

The Pirouettes

Founded in 2011 and hailing from Annecy, The Pirouettes are a duo who met in high school, fell in love, and decided to form their group then and there. Leo Bear Creek and Vickie Chérie have so far released three albums to date: Carrément Carrément in 2016, Monopolis in 2018, and Equilibre in 2021.

The sound they produce is decidedly nostalgic, with a blend of calming French croons coupled with invigorating electronic-pop sounds that give you an upbeat sense of optimism about the future. Allo is the song of choice to listen to, with a slow start that makes you think of rainy days and warm meals, before diving into some toe-tapping tunes.

The background notification sounds blended into the song, however, may have you reaching for your phone where you can also play ZAR rewarding games more than a few times. Comment ça fait is another great showcase for the vocal talents, which will have you eager to replay it at least three – or four – times in a row.