March 9, 2008

Breaking News

Keyboardist of Vampire Weekend eaten alive by absurd over sized python-like scarf during Saturday Night Live performance - Paul Simon loving Izod models already lining up to replace him and The Preppy Handbook 2008 Edition earns a footnote.

My neutrality towards this band has evolved into disdain post SNL appearance. I am sure they are nice guys and all but they're like staring at the squares in Cry-Baby had the group entered into Columbia University. And as far as cycles in music go I guess it has been long enough since Graceland's release or the last rise of Ska / African hybrid music for Vampire Weekend to sound like a breath of change in the Indie 2.0 scene no less to kids who aren't old enough to have lived through this stuff the last time around.


  1. Maybe the key'bored'ist is just covering a huge goiter. You ever think of that? Well, did ya? Huh?


    This was some of the least enjoyable music I have heard in a long time. Thank god I got a hold of the new Portishead yesterday and i can try to cleanse my ears. I am glad to see that you have taken to Indie2.0, how about 'UndieRock'? Maybe thats just the Pussycat Dolls.

  2. Sean was fast-forwarding through their performance, but stopped for about 10 seconds. It was enough time for him to declare it "embarrassing" and proclaim "they're like haircut 100!". Ugh, ugh. ugh.

  3. hey it all wraps around to my David Spade, Hollywood Minute take on the band.

  4. This is so cool. I didn't realize that Saturday Night Live was still on the air. Does Brian Doyle-Murray still host from time to time?