March 14, 2008

What the Hell Is This?

So i was sent this cd by a friend at a distributor and thought "hey look at all those sheep, what a great cover" and put the cd on while working in the exciting world of excel grids.

It was in the background and thought nothing of it. Then in succession I had the following thoughts:

1. This is pretty good. (always a nice suprise from an unknown quantity)

2. Hey they are covering Low!

3. Hey this sounds a lot like Alan Sparhawk.

4. HEY! This IS Alan Sparhawk.

5. (After picking up the cd and looking at the track names) What the hell? These are all Low songs!

6. Why is there a whole album of Alan Sparhawk doing new versions of his own music? What is the meaning of this? Why? Why?

So that is where i am now. Like i said these are all Low songs, not exactly 'stripped down' cause how do you strip down Low? They are more rocked out however. It is really good, but i love Low and its more or less alternate versions of their songs. I am so confused.

PS it would be great if Retribution Gospel Choir opened for Low, kind of like how Wire used to have that cover band open for them


  1. I added a link to the MySpace page - hope that is okay by you.


  2. how could you? my most perfect work ruined!

    i mean, yeah, thats cool