March 9, 2008

The Violets

During one of my Rough Trade mail order buying sprees last year I came across a band called The Violets from London. I was going through a big Siouxsie & the Banshees phase at the time and The Violets helped to scratch that itch.

While the rest of the hipster world will be blabbing on about These New Puritans who have a new record coming out on Domino in a few weeks and might be the best thing to happen to hip hop since Mark E Smith, I will blog about the band who sits among TNP's top friends on MySpace - The Violets.

Thanks to Wikipedia here is their discography:

2007 The Lost Pages (Angular Recording Corporation)

2006 "Feast On You/Come Home" (Filthy Little Angels)
2006 "Mirror Mirror" (Angular Recording Corporation)
2006 "Hush Away" (Angular Recording Corporation)
2006 "Descend/Carnival " (Angular Recording Corporation)
2007 "Foreo" (Angular Recording Corporation)
2007 "Troubles Of Keneat" (Angular Recording Corporation)

The Foreo single was a favorite of mine last year and did I mention they sound like Siouxie?

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