March 25, 2008

Close Lobsters

Artist - Close Lobsters
Hometown - Paisley, Scotland (1986-1989)
Label- Fire Records (primary label)
RIYL - C86 , The Smiths, jangle-pop, The Field Mice, early R.E.M.

Discography thanks to Wikipedia:

"Going To Heaven To See If It Rains" (1986, Fire) (#9)
"Never Seen Before" (1987, Fire) (#11)
"Let's Make Some Plans" (1987, Fire) (#17)
"What Is There To Smile About?" (1988, Fire) (#17)
Evening Show Sessions (1988, Night Tracks)
"Nature Thing" (1989, Fire)
"Just Too Bloody Stupid" (1989, Caff) CLASSIC TUNE

Foxheads Stalk This Land (1987, Fire) (#12) THIS IS THE RECORD TO OWN
Headache Rhetoric (1989, Fire) (#7)

The Close Lobsters have been a household favorite for about a year or so now. My memory is crap so I can't be certain how this band made it into my collection but I suspect it had a little something to do with the C86 comp I have somewhere in my CD collection. It's no secret, I am an Anglophile of sorts and the late 80's twee guitar pop is a genre I can't seem to get enough of. This whole style of music is the exact opposite of tough guy and is the perfect ying to all my black metal records yang.

And I know it is a terrible name for a group, you can move past it, I know you can. They couldn't decide between naming themselves with The Close or The Lobsters so the combined the two and well the rest is history. Bad band name history.

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  1. I remember when they played the Loop Lounge in Passaic, NJ. With a name like that, how could I forget? It must have been about 1989, my friends brother was so into it that he made his own 'Close Lobsters' shirt with a marker to wear to the show. That dude was in a band called 'Jefferson Sleeves', so maybe he had a thing for terrible names. I am now remembering that he was later in a band called 'U.S. Babyman', so yeah, he had a thing.