March 20, 2008

Yo La Tengo at SXSW

This amazing footage of a semi-"Freewheeling" set comes courtesy of the good people at Other Music. They're not sitting, but they are using the stripped-down stage setup. The Portastatic song is pretty sweet, too. If the entire set was recorded like this, I don't see why the band shouldn't at the very least release the audio portion of it as a download or limited-edition CD release or something like that. I've asked the band on more than one occasion about the lack of an official live release in the YLT discography, and I always get stonewalled.


  1. I heart Other Music and Yo La T - what a win win.

    But that Deerhunter guy still freaks me out. Everytime I see him I wan to feed him cookies and weight gain bars.

  2. unfortunately those won't help him.