June 3, 2009

Goings On

Lot's going on behind the scenes right now - the start of a crazy new enterprise (I will expand upon this more when it is actually up and running), working part time at our local all vinyl record store Deep Groove, wrapping up the Forensics track, the weekly radio show is still going strong.... and then just plain old life stuff. I have been feeling too distracted to blog but will be back to normal music posts soon.

And if I don't say so myself, the Camera Obscura radio show for tomorrow is shaping up VERY nicely plus if that isn't exciting enough, we have an incredibly cool show planned for next week. Jonathan Poneman -owner and founder of Sub Pop Records was kind enough to send me a great list of music that shaped his life and inspired him to start his legendary Seattle record label. Part two of the show will be playing various tracks from Sub Pop's uber awe inspiring roster. I was practically raised on Sub Pop so this show has a great deal of meaning for me and I can't wait to spend two hours just talking about one of my favorite record labels of all time.

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