November 9, 2010

Family Fodder Returns!

I wrote about my love  for this band a few years ago on the site when a double disc collection was released via Jungle Records. Imagine my bliss when I received a brand new press release announcing the band is back with a brand new release called Classical Music..out TODAY!. 

Classical Music is currently streaming on the Quietus as well. Listen to the full thing here.

This new record will appeal to fans of Charlotte Gainsbourg if she partnered up with David Byrne and Hood; with hints of Classic music (as their album title alludes to). This is not what fans have grown to expect from the rotating line up that has defined Family Fodder's mash up of higher energy music in the past but they band has settled into this serence new territory quite marvelously. Actually I take that back, the band has tried on so many musical styles over the years that this is exactly what fans SHOULD expect.


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