August 14, 2011

Thank You Mr. Brodsky

Doing a radio show for a small community station can be a weird thing.

If you do a show like mine you spend weeks preparing for it and then you lay it all out for the world via the airwaves and in this abstract form where you are alone in the studio, maybe just maybe some people are listening as it happens. Maybe a few people make the effort to download the show later and listen to it but truly, you never know if what you are doing is reaching anyone no less in a truly meaningful way. I do the show because I am record nerd who likes to understand and hear how a band uses their influences and am endlessly surprised at how so many wildly different genres can share the same canvas.

Anyhow, so the shows come and go and the playlists live in my iTunes until my computer crashes and the playlists and blog posts about them hang out in cyberspace for people to look at, occasionally comment on, and so the pattern goes.

Imagine my surprise when a photo was emailed to me of a DVD looking box that had been decorated to celebrate one of my shows and in it was a copy of the show itself. I would like to thank Mr. Brodsky, Stephen from Cave In's father, for creating such a thoughtful thing to celebrate the show I did on his son's band. It was an honor to do to the show for the band and just as big of an honor to have a parent appreciate the radio show I did for them. Thank you Mr. Brodsky for being one of the coolest Dad's ever. And you have a pretty darn talented son there too.


  1. This is amazing. You already know im beyond
    obsessed with this band Tracy, and the show you aired (on the day I got myself a Cave In tattoo no less)was a wonderful insight. I may only be one fan from the other side of the Atlantic, but your passion crossed the ocean effortlessly, and only served to deepened my love for a band I thought I knew. Keep it up! The world needs music fans like you. Cheers! Nick x

  2. You know how to make a girl mist up - thank you for your kind words!

  3. my absolute pleasure love. "who inspires you!!!" :)

  4. Awww, wow!! This is so wonderful!

  5. Anonymous 8/18/11, 6:28 PM