February 2, 2012

February 2nd, 2012, Cause & Effect : My Bloody Valentine Part Two

Last week I covered all the important early years of MBV. Not just their influences but where they came from, how they began forming their trademark sound, and who all was making music in the same world as them, both their peers and followers.

This week I will start of with Isn't Anything, continue through Loveless, and bring everyone up to speed on what has happened with the band and each member since they produced one of the most influential records of the last two decades. The story behind Loveless alone is really interesting and I know I was really surprised to discover the things that I did about it. (who really performed on this record, how it was recorded, and what key the entire thing was written in)

And ladies, we get a special shout out tonight because Kevin Shields' inspiration has a lot to do with female creative energy.

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Download the show in full here.
The set list is here.


  1. I can't believe I missed this show...or that I've been missing your show altogether! The file on sendspace is down...any chance you could re-upload it?

  2. Dan - I moved most of my podcasts to this website - including the MBV shows. Enjoy! http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/contributor/4551


  3. Holy Cow, now I see that you devoted two entire consecutive shows to MBV!--how cool is that!?!?

    Thanks for the link. I see that I can access both of the MBV podcasts with no problem. Excellent.

    Btw, I ordered an interesting-looking record by an artist called Ringfinger the other day...;)