October 23, 2012


This press release just rolled in!  

"To celebrate the production of the documentary film “ Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nations Capital ,” a who’s who of DC punk bands from the 1980s will convene at the  Black Cat  on  December 28 and 29, 2012 . The lineup includes  Kingface Black Market Baby Dag Nasty (December 28th) Scream Government Issue  and  Youth Brigade (December 29) .

Dag Nasty will be performing together for the first time in over 27 years and playing songs from their classic album “Can I Say” with original vocalist  Shawn Brown .  Government Issue will be playing a collection of songs from their early catalog and will feature  Brian Baker  on guitar and  Tom Lyle  on bass as well as vocalist  John Stabb and Dag Nasty’s  Colin Sears  on drums. Youth Brigade were one of the first bands on Dischord in 1981 with their “Possible” 7” EP. This will mark the first time they’ve played together in over 30 years. Minor Threat’s  Steve Hansgen  will be playing guitar and joining original drummer  Danny Ingram , bassist  Bert Queiroz , and vocalist  Nathan Strejcek .

Each band will be playing abbreviated and short clips from the film will be shown. Guest DJs will also be performing on both nights.

"Salad Days: the Birth of Punk in the Nations Capital” is a documentary-in-progress that examines the fertile Washington, D.C. punk scene of the 1980s. D.C. based bands like  Minor Threat Bad Brains Black Market Baby the Faith the Slickee Boys , Void Government Issue Marginal Man Dag Nasty Gray Matter , Beefeater Scream Rites of Spring Fugazi Shudder to Think Nation of Ulysses Jawbox  and others defined the DC aesthetic.  "

Online tickets are already sold out but it looks like DC residents can still buy them from the box office 8pm to midnight - cash only $18 ! ! ! 

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