January 1, 2013

Top 5 Records of 2012

I could try to stretch it out and make this list 10 records long but I won't. These are the records I really listened and still listen to weekly.

1) Chris Cohen - Overgrown Path - Captured Tracks

2) Melody's Echo Chamber - S/T - Fat Possum

3) Cate Le Bon - Cyrk - The Control Group

4) Paws - Cokefloat! - Fat Cat

5) Holograms - S/T - Captured Tracks

Runner Up : Mount Eerie - Clear Moon - Self Released

It is tempting to include the records I released this year on my own label but I will step out of my bubble world for today. Obviously I love MalhombreGauchiste, and Dunebuggy because I released those albums in 2012 . Duh.

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