March 27, 2014

New Positive No Single Coming in July

Our pals who run Negative Fun Records are doing a 7" subscription series this year featuring the Bad Daddies (Livermore, CA), Hot Dolphin (Richmond, VA), Midnight Plus One (Carrboro, NC) , No Other (Philadelphia, PA) and my band, Positive No.

Here is the official press release info:

Beginning in June, subscribers will receive a seven-inch single every month with exclusive new music from this stellar line-up of bands, packaged in a printed factory sleeve designed by multimedia artist and documentarian Julianna Thomas.

At the conclusion of the series, subscribers will receive a cassette compilation featuring all of the music released as a part of the Singles Club. Other extras include a package of buttons and stickers designed especially for subscribers, a discount at the Negative Fun webstore, and maybe a few surprises along the way.

Early subscribers will see a few extra perks included at no extra charge.  The first 100 subscribers will receive a randomly selected, hand stamped test pressing edition of one of the singles.

All pre-order subscribers will also receive a bonus split seven-inch single – a limited, color vinyl edition of the next installment from our Home and Home split seven-inch series. The series, which pairs bands from each of Negative Fun Records’ home bases of North Carolina and New England, continues with Raleigh’s fuzz-pop sensations Ghostt Bllonde representing North Carolina and the ramshackle rock of Windsor, VT’s The Pilgrims putting on for New England.

Pre-orders begin Thursday, March 27th (TODAY! ! ! ) and runs through  Saturday, May 31st . Subscriptions will cost $50.00, postage paid. Each single is limited to 200 copies.

But enough about Negative Fun, you’re here for the bands, so why don’t we tell you about them:

Bad Daddies – Bad Daddies is a punk band from Northern California, Livermore to be exact. If there ever was a band perfectly suited for the seven-inch format, it’s Bad Daddies. Their songs get in and get out with and efficiency of purpose. Vocalist Camylle Reynolds screams her point right in your face, backed by a squeal of feedback and a speeding train of distortion.  In an age in which DIY has become a genre signifier, Bad Daddies live and breathe the ethos, rather than flying the flag as a marketing gimmick.

Hot Dolphin –  It was hard to find a Richmond garage punk bill that did not feature Hot Dolphin last year.  And all that gigging in town as well as up and down the East coast coalesced around the band - turning it into a swaggering, fuzz drenched outfit. This is a band with nothing to hide. The hooks are real, the songs are groovy.  Their digital EP, Hotter Dolphiner, showcased a band not afraid to crank the volume, dial up the distortion, slather everything in reverb and pitch a fit.

Midnight  Plus One  – A North Carolina super-group, if you will,  Midnight  Plus One is comprised of current and former members of Black Skies, Challenger, Americans In France, and Eagle Bravo, among others.  Shoegaze, post-hardcore, psychedelic rock – all of these descriptions have been thrown around in a feeble attempt to categorize  Midnight  Plus One. Yes, there are elements of each in their sound. But taken individually, they all miss the mark.  Midnight  Plus One have been creating a unique noise since their inception and continue to evolve and defy simple categorization. But if you must slap a tag on them, might we suggest experimental art punk?

No Other  – This Philadelphia-based trio doesn't shy away from either primal rock or propulsive pop but they don't follow straight lines; there is roiling mystery lurking within their instrumental interplay, yet this darkness is leavened by both their un-apologetically direct attack and the inherent tunefulness of their songs. No Other makes vital, vibrant music that ignores trends in favor of building upon an independent rock legacy that stretches back past the initial punk explosion of the late '70s, creating a sound that is rich, complex and mature yet never complacent.

Positive No  – Positive No hit the Richmond music scene at a time when 90’s nostalgia had reached a critical mass. But when you are a band made up of members who were making essential music then, and now, you can hardly be considered a trend jumper. Positive No are simply playing the music that Tracy, Andre, Willis and Kenneth have always made – loud, fuzzy, angsty, and noisy dream-pop. There is little sentimentality at play in Positive No’s sound, just the continuity of a path set upon years ago. It is tempting to drop the names that make up their pedigree, but it would be much more satisfying to just drop the needle on the record.

Release Schedule:

June: Bad Daddies 

July: Positive No

August Midnight  Plus One

September: No Other

October: Hot Dolphin

We’ve also got a few shows coming up this weekend and in May:
  • Friday March 28 - Balliceaux - Richmond, VA w/Suburban Living
  • Saturday March 29 - The Iguana - Norfolk, VA w/Suburban Living, Wandcarver
  • Wednesday May 21 - Strange matter - Richmond,VA w/PAWS, tbd
  • Friday May 23 - 501 Speakeasy - Roanoke,VA w/Woolens
  • Saturday May 24 - Knoxville, TN w/Stolen Sheep

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