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May 11, 2012

Tribute to MCA / Beastie Boys Cause & Effect Recap

Missed last night's Cause & Effect? Download it in full here. The set list can be found on the WRIR website.

May 4, 2012

Adam "MCA" Yauch RIP

The Beastie Boys's website has posted a memorial page for Adam.

March 13, 2011

Roadside Prophets

Not sure how I missed this film the first time around but first off, let's take a look at some of the cast of this 1992 film called Roadside Prophets:

John Doe (of X)
Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys)
Arlo Guthrie
Timothy Leary
John Cusack
Flea (RHCP)
David Carridine

The Plot:
"Bizarre and surreal road movie about a biker and his unlikely sidekick. On a quest to fulfill a friend's last wish, Joe takes to the desert road on his 1957 Harley-Davidson and meets a succession of odd characters, including Sam. Sam begins following Joe, on a quest of his own, which necessitates staying in Motel 9's wherever they go. Themes such as friendship, faith, and isolation are brought into sharp relief by strange situations, the lonely road, and the stark emptiness of the desert. There are also several humorous cameos"

August 12, 2010

August 12th, 2010 : Cause & Effect : Beastie Boys

Tonight's show is a little different than normal for us. Rather than playing the BB's roots, influences, peers, and so on, we thought it would be interesting to spend all two hours showcasing the music they took samples from; talk about the ultimate influence set!

A friend was kind enough to pass along a link to blog that listed every BB release and then every song they pulled samples from to make that release. Sounds like our radio show was practically done for us, right? I was hoping that might be the case but in actuality, to pick out the key songs to feature during our show, you need to know the BB catalog inside out first to know which songs are the most important. This means we spent hours, maybe a total of 20+ between the two of us, listening to all the music (BB + the songs they sampled) and then deciding which songs will make for the best show. Not to mention that just ONE record (Paul's Boutique) has over 150 songs they pulled samples from! I have a new respect for the layering and soundscaping a rap group does to build the music to rap over no less their ability to sculpt a few seconds of a sample into something entirely new and interesting. We picked the first four releases by the Beasties and in turn will be playing them in chronological order along side some of the music they used to shape the sound of that release.

It's been an unbelievable learning experience to put their music under a microscope and I don't know what I am more impressed with, the music or the overall distance these men have traveled since their inception in 1979 as a hardcore band.

With Kate from Luscious Jasckson on drums!

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