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May 4, 2012

Playing with Harry Partch

Not the man, but his one of a kind instruments! This website is brilliant; not only does it display all of his various creations in one place BUT you can play them all via your computer. You can see and hear first hand what this "philosophic music-man seduced into carpentry" has crafted and explore the microtonal scale system he was so obsessed with. I have played around with 5 of 6 of them so far and I swear to you, the unique tones you create with just a stroke of a key will make you feel like a member of Boards of Canada or an avant-Asian orchestra. I am obsessed with this wonderful site and am so please I stumbled across this last night when looking up crychord, an instrument he made and I named a Dahlia Seed song after (my old band).

If you aren't familiar with this American composer, inventor of instruments, theorist, ex hobo, and visionary, check out this BBC documentary. (And I salute the BBC for having the best documentaries on every possible subject. I swear I watch a different one a day!) 

December 16, 2011

Boards of Canada Show : Download Here.

Here is a link to download all of last night's show with Sean Lovelace. Enjoy! Next week's show will be about Bon Iver. It will be a birthday show for my lovely intern (one of her favorite artists) and will include a surprise on air guest if all goes according to plan.

December 15, 2011

December 15th, 2011 : Cause + Effect : Boards of Canada

Tonight from 7PM to 9PM I have a guest DJ joining me. Sean Lovelace will be giving us a glimpse into the world of Boards of Canada; a two piece composed of brothers who ask not to be tagged as an Electronic group.

What does that make them then? Tune in to find out! If you are looking to escape the stress of the holidays, let us bring you to a more peaceful place.

Tonight's show will focus on not just their unsual influences (Joni Mitchell, really?) but their peers who are also helping to redefine electronic music (Aphex Twin, Squarepush), and the new crop of music artists (Clams Casino, Neon Indian) who owe BoC in a big way.

Download last night's show in full here.