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January 1, 2016

2015 Wrap Up: Favorites, Best Ofs, and HELL YEAHs!

If you truly believe that there aren't any good modern day bands or great new records being made, you didn't try very hard this year. 2015 delivered an abundance of quality music. So much in fact that this might be the largest list of stuff I loved since I started making end of year best of lists two decades ago. I think playing in an active band has helped me stay on top of new music too but in the end, I will always call myself a music fan before I call myself a musician. Finding new music to fall in love with is an addiction I don't ever want to kick.

This Spotify playlist features 100 songs from a large variety of genres that I really loved this year. Not all of the artists on this playlist made my best of / end of year list below so they are two different beasts, great songs -v- great albums. 

Happy new year friends. 

Top 25
Sauna Youth DISTRACTIONS  (Upset the Rhythm) 
Whyte Horses - Pop or Not (self released)  
Dirty Ghosts LET IT PRETEND (Last Gang Records) *"Cataract" is my song of the year
Trash Kit - CONFIDENCE (Upset the Rhythm)**came out Dec 2014 / LP arrived in 2015
Sacred Paws 6 SONGS (Rock Action Records)
Desperate Journalist ST (Minty Fresh) 
Joanna Gruesome PEANUT BUTTER (Slumberland Records)
Love of Diagrams BLAST (Bedroom Suck Records) 
Novella LAND (Sinderlyn)
Annie Girl and the Flight BODIES (Annie Lipetz)
Viet Cong ST (Jagjaguwar)
Dilly Dally SORE (Partisan Records)
The White Birch THE WEIGHT OF SPRING (Glitterhouse Records)
Doe FIRST FOUR (Old Flame Records)
Soko MY DREAMS DICTATE MY REALITY (Babycat records) 
Shopping WHY CHOOSE (Fatcat Records)
Soak BEFORE WE FORGOT HOW TO DREAM (Rough Trade Records Ltd) 
Julia Wolfe ANTHRACITE FIELDS (Cantaloupe Music)
Boogarins MANUAL (Other Music)
Chain of Flowers ST (Alter)
Pinkshinyultrablast EVERYTHING ELSE MATTERS (Club AC30)
Hurry Up ST (Army of Bad Luck Records)
Wand GOLUM (In the Red Records)
Infinity Girl HARM (Topshelf Records)
Eternal Summers GOLD AND STONE (Kanine Records)

Other Favorite Records
Terrible Truths ST (Bedroom Suck Records) 
The Leaf Library  DAYLIGHT VERSIONS (Where it's at is where you are)
Salad Boys METALMANIA (Trouble in MInd Records) 
Cloakroom FURTHER OUT (Run For Cover Records)
Menace Beach RATWORLD (Memphis Industries)
Gnoomes NGAN! (Rocket Recordings)
Kagoule URTH (Earache Records Ltd)
No Joy MORE FAITHFUL (Kemado Records) 
Wildhoney SLEEP THROUGH IT (Deranged Records) 
Swervedriver I WASN'T BORN TO LOSE YOU (Cobraside)
Death and Vanilla TO WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (Fire Records)
Jacco Gardner HYPNOPHOBIA (Polyvinyl)
Noonday Underground BODY PARTS FOR MODERN ART (Hands Full Records)
Cold Beat INTO THE AIR (Crime on the Moon) 
Eerie Summer - THE WAY I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ANY MORE (self released) 
Youth Lagoon SAVAGE HILLS BALLROOM (Fat Possum Records) 
Julia Holter HAVE YOU IN MY WILDERNESS (Domino Recording  Co Ltd) 
C. Duncan ARCHITECT (Fatcat Records)
Ghetto Ghouls COLLISIONS (Self Released)
Knife Pleats HAY BARK BEACH (Where it's at is where you are)
Jeff Bridges SLEEPING TAPES (Squarespace)  
Myrrias ALL ALONE (self released)
Bjork VULNICURA STRINGS (self released)
Beach Slang THE THINGS WE DO... (Polyvinyl Records)
Protomartyr THE AGENT INTELLECT (Hardly Art) 
The Spook School TRY TO BE HOPEFUL (Fortuna Pop)
Intelligence VINTAGE FUTURE (In The Red Records)
Sextile A THOUSAND HANDS (felte)
Killing Joke PYLON (Spinefarm)
Sumac THE DEAL (Profound Lore)

Reissues / Collections:
Oz Brazoes ST (Som Livre) 
Annie Philippe - SENSATIONNEL! - Ace Records
Guerre Froide ST (Born Bad Records) 
Va CRIMINALE VOL 3 & 4 (Goodfella)
Marie et les Garcons 1976 - 1979 (Ze Records)

Assorted Favorite 2015 Moments:
Being featured on Apartment Therapy
Playing Brownies one last time (Hi-Fi Bar) 
Favorite show I played was @ Bathtub Republic in DC
Harrisburg, PA / Little Amps - secret weapon of a DIY show space and great coffee / people.
Peep Show final season (Favorite show of all time) 
Twin Peaks DJ set to cast members Mrs. Briggs and Lucy
Beach Slang live / seeing Jim some 20 years post Weston 
Live: Mutoid Man / Child Bite live at Gwar-B-Q (Gwar Bar is also a favorite place of 2015) 
Dynamic Truths reunion show @ The Answer
Asbury Park, N.J. Pinball Museum
Beaufort, SC - who knew?  
Creating Atta-GIRL! 
Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriage legal
Loretta Lynch as Attorney General
U.S. and Cuba make nice
Strangeways Tirami'zu Brew Rum Barrel Aged Porter   
Master of None for its stellar music supervision
DJing with Bob Nastanovich in the name of charity

This band doesn't have much of an online presence so here is a video from one of the best records I purchased this year. 

April 5, 2012

Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting in the Life of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker

Hey Metal friends. 

My pal Dave Hofer, who I have gotten to know over the years via his years as a buyer at Reckless Records, is putting out a book about Dan Lilker. It will be a biography following Dan's time in all of his various and numerous bands: White Heat, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Anthrax, S.O.D. and Hemlock (to name his more well known projects.) The book also goes on to cover Dan's lesser known musical history including a whole host of his lesser known bands (over 10 at least!). While much of the book is interviews with Dan there are also contributions to the theme at hand by: Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of Anthrax, John Connelly and Glenn Evans of Nuclear Assault, Kevin Sharp and Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth, Barney Greenway and Shane Embury of Napalm Death, Fenriz, Faust, Craig Setari, Gene Hoglan, Gloria Cavalera, Howie Abrams, Jim Welch and others. Phew! I can't imagine a book on this subject / scene will ever get more comprehensive that this one. 

Paper & Plastic Records has yet to set an official street date for the book but it is slated for this Summer. 

Musicians like this make for a fascinating read / interview because most people would kill to make in one band no less more bands than you have fingers on a hand. I can't wait to read about how one man has managed to do all this during one career and is still hard at work bring us more Metal. 

Congrats Dave, I can't wait to read this and Dan I salute you for doing the unimaginable. 


March 7, 2012

Nicolas Provost and Köhn

A huge thank you to Tiny Mix Tapes for turning me onto this stunning video work. Grim yet gorgeous.

January 31, 2012

The Nolan Gate

Do you like Voivod? How about KARP laced with Failure, Slayer, Breadwinner, Prong, Don Cab, and Drive Like Jehu ?(Just to name a few things that come to mind when I listen to Nolan Gate.) If any of those bands mean anything to you, then please take the time to check out The Nolan Gate who hail from the NJ/ NYC area. They have a bandcamp page and their newest release costs only $2 to download.

My favorite two tracks are Alchemy and Grinding .

Full disclosure, the drummer from my old band Dahlia Seed is the drummer in The Nolan Gate (Darin Galgano) and I have played shows with / been on a split 7" with the members previous band Mothman but I would be singing their praises regardless of knowing them. I love Metal that you can't pin down with one easy tag and these guys appeal to me as a fan of heavy music that clearly comes from a variety of influences outside of the Metal realm.

November 14, 2011

Metal Quilts : Music Not the Element

Check out Quiltsryche - Metal inspired quilts that take you from Country to Count Grishnackh in seconds flat. (Okay, maybe they aren't that evil BUT you can get them custom made so you could make it happen!)

November 11, 2011

Voivod Cause & Effect Update

You can see the whole set list here.

Download  95% of last night's Voivod show here.

The last 5 songs didn't record for some reason so I have created a mini set of the final 5 here.

November 10, 2011

November 10th, 2011 : Cause & Effect : Voivod

Tonight and only on WRIR from 7pm to 9pm : the musical history of Voivod as only Cause & Effect can tell.

We will spend two hours exploring all their influences from punk (GBH), to metal (Venom), to prog (King Crimson), to 70's rock (Deep Purple) PLUS playing plenty of examples from their massive discography (and a few off-shoot bands).

If that wasn't enough to excite you we will also spend some time highlighting a few of Voivod's picks for their Roadburn Festival 2012 line up ( Au-delà du Réel). 

And don't worry, if you don't know anything about Voivod or maybe don't even care for metal, their music is deeply rooted in so many interesting directions that there is sure to be songs in tonight's set (Led Zep, Motorhead, Sabbath, DKs, Pistols) you will recognize and maybe have a whole new appreciation for in this context.

WRIR - 97.3 Richmond, Virginia

You can see the whole set list here.
Download  95% of last night's Voivod show here.
The last 5 songs didn't record for some reason so I have created a mini set of the final 5 here.

July 6, 2011

Redefining Heavy : Phurpa

Phurpa = monastic choir from Moscow who perform ancient Tibeto-Burmanese influenced music AKA an exploration in sonic grimness now in LP form thanks to a little help from Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))). At last music for those who wish Lurch from the Adam's Family had put out a solo record influenced by the Far East!

June 3, 2011

Friday Flashcard : Name That Metal Band

It has been a good 6 months since I did this last but here we go again. I supply the logo, you guess the band, and then answer will be in the comment section. There is no prize, just the satisfaction that you are metal literate.

This band shares the same hometown as the Humboldt Crabs, a semi-pro baseball team that has been playing every year since 1945. They also happen to have a rather lovely logo that if placed upside down and turned into a 3-D model would make a lovely June bride's tiara.

May 18, 2011

Attn All Metalheads

and loggers, you need this table by Chris Duffy. AMAZING!