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January 10, 2014

Positive No Mini Tour (RVA/Philly/NYC/DC)

I can't decide what all I am most excited about.

I am touring with a band for the first time since 1996. Playing in a band again that I love and can't wait to tour with. Playing with so many spectacular bands in the span of 4 days or that all of the shows take place on before 10 PM. You are welcome working world that has to get up early the next day! Seeing old friends. Making new friends. See you in February!

The link to our tour invite page is here.

Thursday - 2/13 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ Hunters & Bleeding Rainbow EARLY SHOW 6PM !

Friday - 2/14 - Safety Meeting - Philadelphia, PA w/No Other, Amanda X, & True Gold EARLY SHOW 8PM !

Saturday - 2/15 - Grand Victory - Brooklyn, NY w/Ancient Sky EARLY SHOW 8PM !

Sunday 2/16 - Galaxy Hut - Arlington, VA w/Mittenfields 

Here is a look at us live only hopefully for these shows I won't have a sprained toe, ankle, and knee as I did for this one.