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July 6, 2011

Circuit Bending Eye Candy

People ask me all the time what the hell is that a tattoo of on my arm. Is it Star Wars related? Is it a tribute to Voivod? A copy of some modern art thing-a-ma-jig? None of the above. My first husband was into circuit bending toy keyboards and he had a handful of catalogs / printed matter relating to electrical systems floating around our home. The cover of Motorola's 1977 Hep Program Semiconductor Gross Reference Guide and Catalog always fascinated me and eventually bits from the cover made it onto my arm in the form of a tattoo. I still know next to nothing about electronics but visually I am still really inspired but the guts of anything than runs on electricity.

And the one and only person to ever guess what was on my arm also happened to be an electrician.

I just found this other catalog cover from 1975 on line - also pretty darn cool.