November 19, 2009

November 19th, 2009 : Cause & Effect : A Place To Bury Strangers

In an effort to balance out the calming quiet sounds that last week's set was comprised of, this week we are going to blow the speakers out of your home and car with two hours of music based around the low end rumbles of chainsaw guitar bands.

Blue Cheer might have been called the loudest band in the world but that makes A Place To Bury Strangers the loudest band in the solar system. We are talking heavy to the point of volcanic earth splitting distortion. This New York City band creates a wall of sound more epic than the Great Wall of China and that signature style of the band also ties into the the guitar pedals of founding member Oliver Ackermann. He not only uses a ear shattering variety of them but he makes them himself and runs a company called Death by Audio who makes pedals for such rock and roll luminaries and U2, MBV, and Lighting Bolt.

Not sure what exactly a shoegaze band sounds like verse a shitgaze band? Looking to get schooled on the difference between space rock and psych rock? Tonight will be the night!

So many great bands in tonight's set: Spacemen 3, Telescopes, Skywave (pre APTBS), Lily's, The Cure, MBV, Crystal Stilts, BJM, Big Pink, Cocteau Twins, and plenty of other guitar bands that offer the best white noise around!

PS: Want to hear three songs from my favorite record of the year? Tonight will be the night!

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