December 1, 2010

Out of the Vinyl Deeps

Its maddening that there more women in music - not just making it but behind the scenes writing, mixing, producing, running labels and etc but the good news is there has been some pretty incredible ladies who have braved the boys club so the rest of us could not only know it was possible but that our female voice is valuable to the world at large.

Ellen Willis was hired in 1968 to be a rock critic for the New Yorker and this new book chronicles her 7 years of music writing. More on the book here.

"More than simply setting the record straight, Out of the Vinyl Deeps reintroduces Willis’s singular approach and style—her use of music to comment on broader social and political issues, critical acuity, vivid prose, against-the-grain opinions, and distinctly female (and feminist) perspective—to a new generation of readers. Featuring essays by the New Yorker’s current popular music critic, Sasha Frere-Jones, and cultural critics Daphne Carr and Evie Nagy, this volume also provides a lively and still relevant account of rock music during, arguably, its most innovative period."

PS: Daphne has a 33 1/3 book coming out soon on NIN 's Pretty Hate Machine, so excited to read it and so thrilled to have such inspiring female friends.

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