March 21, 2011

Joyce Raskin : Then and Now

Joyce Raskin was introduced to me during the early '90s for two reasons.

1) She was a member of a band called Scarce that featured a gentleman by the name of Chick who had previously played in a band called Anastasia Screamed that I was wildly passionate about at the time. They were emotionally charged and raw the way Husker Du or Squirrel Bait was. A friend who was also a fan of the band insisted that I HAD to check out this new band Scarce who were just as good if not better than A.S. and featured a women who in style and personality could be my long lost sister.

2) As a woman in music who was NOT tied into the Riot Grrrl movement it was always exciting to meet other women who had nothing to do with that scene. I was told that I would be hard pressed to ever see a woman play bass as hard and and as passionately as she did. It was never a question of if I would meet Joyce, it was more like how quickly can I meet this woman and see her play?

Joyce wrote a band memoir called Aching to Be  in 2007.

In 2008 Scarce reformed and is recording new music as well as playing shows again.

Joyce wrote another book last year that incorporates Scarce lyrics called The Fall and Rise of Circus Boy Blue. As you read the story and the songs unfold in print form there is a digital link to the songs that are performed by Scarce and the reader actually gets to hear the music that coincides with the book.

Joyce has written a new book this year called My Misadventures as a teenage Rock Star and here is a terrific interview with her about it.

If all this wasn't incredible enough, Joyce has also begun to post a series of videos to help girls learn how to play guitar. She continues to be a remarkable female roll model in my life and I am so excited to know she will influence and inspire hundreds if not thousands of more girls from a whole new generation. Truly awesome stuff.

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