May 11, 2011

Your Record Collection Sucks,

because you will never out size the shock and awe of this massive Culpeper, VA collection. (Wait, there is something of interest in Culpeper, VA that isn't Civil War related?) This historical Northern Virginia community happens to hold one of the largest record collections on the planet. We are talking about a vault the size of 45 acres that holds over 6 million different items.

This is the Library of Congress' $250-million Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation and are supposed to unveil a new program that will significantly expand public access to a large portion of the library's musical catalog this week. My fingers are crossed that there will be a proper tour of the treasures for nerds like me.

The Packard Campus site is here.


  1. I nearly applied for a job there a couple of years ago, but after some investigating and soul-searching decided that I couldn't live in Culpeper. Sean wasn't into it either. But, I would still like to visit!

  2. Oh man...we could have just lived about an hour a part! Come visit and we can road trip. xo