July 7, 2011

July 7th 2011 : Cause & Effect : Sunshine Pop

Unemployment, war, equal rights, mother nature's wrath...it all just melts away when you hear songs about how kites are fun or feeling groovy, right? Let's wash away the world's woes and ring in the Summer season with tight vocal harmonies and cheery tempos. Tonight on WRIR from 7pm to 9pm I will be playing the audio equivalent of Valium, a genre of music from the '60s called Sunshine Pop and all its many tentacles of off-shoot genres including bubblegum Pop, lite-psych, surf, Tropicalia,soft Rock,and raga Rock. And even though this music was consider for squares during a time when all the cool musicians were dropping their acoustic guitars, going electric, and getting political - our generation's hip music underground has embraced Sunshine Pop and are offering a whole new spin on the sound. You can listen to the show locally on 97.3 FM on your dial here in RVA or stream the show live at www.wrir.org.

I will be posting a link to the set once the show is over here too if you can't enjoy the show in real time.

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Here is a link to tonight's show in download form. 

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