December 14, 2011

Lightning's Girl 2011 Recap

My first attempt at this ended up reading more like a pity party for one but as a music blog I would like to stay on target and not dwell on the most horrendous year I have had or stress the unfortunate state of our nation and the world economy. The moral of this story is that even after being laid off twice in one year, being hit by a car while crossing the street (not to mention the tremendous amount of medical bills because I don't have health insurance), and feeling as close to rock bottom as a person can feel about their life, music is the one thing that continues to inspire me. Music connects humanity by a universal language that lets us all feel and share art without any of  the bullshit that divides us culturally. Creative expression through song is a gorgeous reminder of freedom, what it is like to be human and removed from the things that tie us down to our singular lives. Thank you music for freeing my spirit from an otherwise abysmal year and Kenny for playing the roll of my legs, arms, and brain for the months they were learning to work again.

I am happy to have made it to my first Goner Fest this year and loved it enough to want to go back every year from now on. As a label owner I am proud to have released Runhild Gammelsaeter's Amplicon and vinyl and bring the packaging I had dreamed of for it to life. There are many Cause & Effect radio shows I did this year that count as my favorite of all times (not to mention the most popular according to listeners) and those shows include Cave In, the history of sunshine Pop, Bob Schick of Honor Role, Voivod, and Converge.

It still also leaves me in shock and awe that we lost so many tremendous musicians this year and I feel like this year we said good-bye to so many inspiring women. (Trish of Broadcast, Ari from the Slits, and Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex to name just a few)

If there was a way to be 100% honest about collection of favorites, this first album would be on a list of its own. I have bowed to its alter more times than any other record this year. I will also say that live, despite them reminding me that I am 1 billion years old in rock years compared to their baby faces, their performance was phenomenal. This isn't just my number one record of the year - it is THE record of the year. Period.

Iceage - New Brigade - What's Your Rupture?

And then the rest of the albums I loved this year.
Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis - Pendu Sound

El Rego - S/T - Daptone

The Men - Leave Home - Sacred Bones

Still Corners- Creatures of an Hour - Sub Pop

Tinariwen - Tassili - Anti

Dels - Gob - Big Dada

Bjork - Biophillia - Nonesuch

The Limi├▒anas - S/T - Trouble In Mind (shhh - it really came out in 2010 but I didn't hear it until 2011)

Canary oh Canary - Last Night In Sunway Knolls - Self Released - Best local band band hands down!

And last but not least, a quick mention of the most talented photographer I know. Christian Patterson released a book this year called Redheaded Peckerwood. It is amazing like all of his work.

Redheaded Peckerwood (Book Dummy) by Christian Patterson from Christian Patterson on Vimeo.

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