December 3, 2011

Tom Waits Follow Up Part One

I don't know what is going on with out radio station stream right now but when I played back the recording of the Tom Waits show, I was mortified to discover that the full two hours was bathed in hiss and static crackles. While that sort of works in relation to the kind of artist Waits is in respect to digging the imperfect - if you are a fan trying to connect the dots to all the music that has inspired to sound the way he does, it gets old fast.

What I have decided to do it post my nerdy set list and notes to the show (and in turn see how I prep for the kind of show I do) - and include all of the music from this Cause & Effect episode as well as the songs I didn't have a chance to play. YAY!

Tonight's show is all picked by Tom Waits himself. He created a handwritten list of influences and favorites songs to Mojo Magazine and I have in turn created a whole radio show built from that list with an additional 4 Tom Waits songs picked by listeners. (Plus one off the new record) Thank you friends and listeners!

TOM QUOTE : "You take a little bit from here and a little bit from there. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. My dad's hat, my mom's underwear, my brother's motorcycle, my sister's pool cue... and there you go." (Source: "Mojo interview with Tom Waits ". Mojo: Barney Hoskyns. April 1999)

There isn't much that hasn't influences Tom Waits in some way or another but working off his list of favorite songs - I organize his playlist and am starting off tonight's show with some Blues.

Harlem Nocturn 3:49 Bo Thorpe
John The Revelator 1:33 Son House
Come On In My Kitchen 2:54 Robert Johnson
Don't You Mind People Grinning In Your Face 2:24 Climax Blues Band
Way Down In The Hole 3:30 Tom Waits - Franks Wild Years - released 1987 on Island Records
Cause Of It All 2:46 Howlin Wolf
Hound Dog 2:52 Big Mama Thornton
Ice Cream For Crow 4:35 Captain Beefheart -Tom Waits QUOTE (1999): "Once you've heard Beefheart, it's hard to wash him out of your clothes. It stains, like coffee or blood. (The music) encouraged a lot of people to go into some kind of a cocoon and come out as something (different) than when they went in. (Source: "Tom Waits: The Restless Iconoclast": The Oregonian (USA), by Michael Evans. Date: October 15, 1999)
Spring Can Really Hang You Up 4:06 Stan Getz
I Think It's Going To Rain Today 2:58 Randy Newman - narrative style - soundtrack friendly - unusual voices
Martha 4:31 Tom Waits - Closing Time - Closing Time is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Tom Waits, released in March 1973 on Asylum Records. Produced and arranged by former Lovin' Spoonful member Jerry Yester, Closing Time was the first of seven of Waits's major releases through Asylum, the final being Heartattack and Vine (1980).
Please, Please, Please 2:45 James Brown and the Famous Flames - an idol of his in grade school and high school
I Started A Joke 3:09 Bee Gees
The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage 2:59 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
We Can Work It Out 2:16 Beatles
Bring It On Home To Me 2:42 The Animals
I Just Want To See His Face 2:53 - Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street - early influence plus Keith Richards has played with Tom Waits on record and Tom has lent his vocals on a stones record Dirty Work
The Wind Cries Mary 3:21 Jimi Hendrix 
Satisfied 4:05 Tom Waits - Bad As Me -Bad as Me is the seventeenth studio album by American rock musician Tom Waits, released on October 21, 2011 by ANTI- Records -Bad As Me is Tom Waits' first studio album of all new music in seven years. This pivotal work refines the music that has come before and signals a new direction. Waits, in possibly the finest voice of his career, worked with a veteran team of gifted musicians and longtime co-writer/producer Kathleen Brennan
Fever 2:43 Little Willie John 
Riot In Cell Block Number Nine 3:40 Dr Feelgood
Goin' Out West 3:20 Tom Waits - Bone Machine- Bone Machine is a critically acclaimed and award-winning album by Tom Waits, released in 1992 on Island Records. It won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album, and features guest appearances by Los Lobos' David Hidalgo, Primus' Les Claypool, and The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards.
96 Tears 2:56 ? and the Mysterians 

*************************PART TWO ******************************

Tom Waits (1999): "I usually try to put some weather on there, some names of places and people, and maybe a recipe or two, so my record becomes like a survival kit that people can take on camping trips." (Source: "Wily Tom Waits' breakthrough". Now On: Tim Perlich. April 22-28, 1999)

No More Auction Block For Me  5:28           Sweet Honey In The Rock    Songs Of The Civil War - 18th century protest song against slavery   
Sixteen Tons    2:38      Tennessee Ernie Ford          
Sylvie  5:23     Harry Belafonte - Most of the people that are really influencing you, no one would necessarily see. They've really become just stains on your undershirt." "I can't sing like Harry Belafonte, but I love him. If I told you all I'm doin' is trying to sound like Harry Belafonte, you wouldn't get it. And I want to play piano just like Liberace. And dance like, I don't know, Fred Astaire and James Brown. Most of us are contraptions that we made." (Source: Los Angeles Times - 2004) 
Delia's Gone 2:19        Johnny Cash   
So Long It's Been Good to Know You (War Version)   2:47     Woody Guthrie                               
Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt (Falling In Love Again)  2:28  William S. Burroughs      Ballad In Plain D         8:17      Bob Dylan     " Suffice it to say Dylan is a planet to be explored. For a songwriter, Dylan is as essential as a hammer and nails and a saw are to a carpenter. I like my music and the rinds and the seeds and pulp left in, so the bootlegs I obtained in the '60s and '70s are where the noise and grit of the tapes became inseparable from the music, are essential to me. His journey as a songwriter is the stuff of myth, because he lives within the ether of the songs. (Source: October 1999)             
You Are My Sunshine             2:58      Ray Charles   - The Ultimate Ray Charles Collection - "I knelt at the altar of Ray Charles for years. I worked at a restaurant, and that's all there was on the jukebox " Tom Waits quote                         
Wade In The Water    2:57     The Staple Singers  
Ode To Billy Joe         4:15     Bobbie Gentry                                  
Step Right Up 5:43     Tom Waits  - 1976 Asylum Records - 4 album-  The music for the most part consists of Waits' hoarse, rough voice, set against a backdrop of piano, upright bass, drums and saxophone. Some tracks have a string section, whose sweet timbre is starkly contrasted to Waits' voice.
Midnight In Moscow 2:54      Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen                                  
A Fool In Love           2:41     Ike & Tina Turner                                       
Be-Bop-A-Lula           2:35     Gene Vincent Wild at Heart                                                 
Shake Rattle And Roll            3:00     Big Joe Turner                                            
Volver Volver 2:58     Vicente Fernandez (King of Ranchera) Waits, who taught himself how to play the piano on a neighbor's instrument, often took trips to Mexico with his father, who taught Spanish; he would later say that he found his love of music during these trips through a Mexican ballad that was "probably a Ranchera, you know, on the car radio with my dad."                  
Jesus blood never failed me yet           3:58      Gavin Bryars - Tune was recorded by Gavin Bryars in 1971 for Alan Powers' documentary / loop of a vagrant singing a hymn of that name. On top of that loop, rich harmonies played by a live ensemble are built, always increasing in density, before the whole thing gradually fades out. A new recording of this work was made in the 1990s with Tom Waits singing along with the original recording of the vagrant during the final section. 
Angel Eyes      3:42     Frank Sinatra                                                           
Nature Boy      2:55      Nat King Cole- Nat King Cole - The Ultimate Collection              
Is That All There Is      4:21      Peggy Lee      

Here is the link to my WRIR show post.

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