January 9, 2012

More 1994 Goodness

Talk all you want about how exciting news of the return of At the Drive In or Refused is but Lync will always be more important to me than any of those other bands. And holy crap I can't believe their amazing final (and firey) show from 1994 at the Velvet Elvis is now on You Tube. 2012 is looking up!

This is yet another time and place I feel very fortunate to have experienced in person and I don't think bass players come any better than James B (plus I got to see bands like Modest Mouse and Sunny Day really take off)

Now all I need to do is convince Sam to let me re-release his early Love as Laughter cassettes. You mean there was music after Lync but before LAL's Greks Bring Gifts ? Yes! And here is a little note about these two brilliant tapes from Sam's web site. One day I will transfer my favorite songs and post them somewhere. People need to hear these lo-fi pop gems.

"This was two years after the dissolution of my band ‘Lync’. I had been living in Olympia, Wa months before and was just running wild and for a while living in the Martin Apartments where my girlfriend at the time, Becca Albee (still a really great friend), lived down the hall. Tae from Kicking Giant, Chris from Karp, and a bunch of other scene luminaries lived in the same building. In the two years I lived in Olympia I moved liked 5 times, couches, haunted houses, the lucky 7 house, wherever. I started recording on a friend’s 4-track (I think it was Corin Tucker’s or Tracy Sawyer’s) and eventually my cousin Layne Staley gave me a Tascam 8 track that I proceeded to go nuts on. I remember right before Beck’s One Foot in the Grave was recorded Beck came over to my apartment and my room was just packed with electronic stuff and recording stuff and video games and whatever and I think he was kinda impressed at my strange existence. Or totally weirded out. We got along off the bat, I liked him because he was so weird, I was such a wild spazz back then who knows what people thought. I just had too much energy.

Music gave me somewhere to put all my restlessness and I recorded tons of songs, which I first put on cassette compilations. The first one was called ‘Love as Laughter’ and the second one was called ‘Clear Sky = Blue Dye’. I gave these out to friends, sometimes they would pay for them because I never had money."

PS: If you can actually find me in this video (I am in there!), I will send you a prize.

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