May 7, 2012

This Just In

From the creator of the website! 

2 things:

There is a really great book that is like a published scrap book of all of Harry Partch's writings and personal photos and letters -- really amazing and a work of art itself .

Also, there is a Harry Partch Symposium coming up -- a chance to hear and see the original instruments, plus meet some of the people that performed in Partch's ensembles (might be your last chance as these people are getting on in years.)

The Harry Partch Legacy: Microtonal Constructions and Intercultural Dialogues
A Symposium and Festival
September 19–21, 2012
New England Conservatory and Northeastern University Boston, MA

NewBand (Dean Drummond & Stefani Starin, Directors)
Bob Gilmore (Brunel University)
Kyle Gann (Bard College)
Danlee Mitchell (Harry Partch Foundation)
and others TBA

The composer Harry Partch (1901-74) is best known as a radically individualistic musical experimentalist, an emblematic “American maverick.” Seeking to create a music close to human speech, he found himself "seduced into carpentry" to create an orchestra of unique instruments and a substantial corpus of instrumental, vocal and dramatic works. His 25-year career cut across composition, music theory, and instrument building, and its conscious links to music-making outside of Europe have attracted the attention of a diverse following of listeners, musicians and scholars. This three-day event, co-sponsored by Northeastern University and the New England Conservatory of Music, will explore the continuing impact of Partch's work, with a combination of academic conference sessions, interactive workshops, and concert performances.

Preston Wright
Creator of the website

Thanks Preston for the note - truly a fan of the website you have created.

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