July 12, 2012

July 12th, 2012 : Cause & Effect : Dntel

As most of you know Cause & Effect is a two person project. Because it takes so many hours to put one show together (10 to 20 hours each week), my partner in crime JJ divides the Thursday from 7PM to 9PM time slot with me. I have been meaning to to do a Jimmy Tamborello show AKA Dntel / Postal Service / Figurine / Strictly Ballroom but JJ beat me to it, and this show is happening tonight; only on WRIR.

Jimmy Tamborello and I became acquaintances in the mid '90s and honestly I can't recall exactly how that happened. I thought our bands played a show together waaaaay back in they day but looking at my 1996 Dahlia Seed tour diary,  I don't see where that was the case. Regardless, somehow Jimmy and I became pen pals. We were both working on songs that were being mailed back and forth to a far away friend in the early 2000s. The one big difference however is that his record "Give Up" under the moniker The Postal Service released on Sub Pop became an instant classic, and my solo record....not so much. I have always been a huge fan of all that Jimmy has been a part of and he has been nothing but a kind, friendly person through our occasional email exchanges and one face to face introduction. 

When JJ announced last week that he was doing a Cause& Effect on Dntel, I in turn dropped Jimmy a line and asked if wanted to add in his two cents. Needless to say last night, just 24 hours before JJ hits the air, he exchanged emails with Jimmy and we now his official blessing and insight to the set. Thank you Jimmy for taking the time to help us out and high five to JJ for finally making this show happen.

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