July 18, 2012

July 18th, 2012: Cause & Effect : What Does My Record Collection Look Like?

Some of you might be thinking who the hell cares? And I don't blame you.

But because I am surrounded by nothing but music loving types all day, every day, the question comes up a lot. I DJ at a radio station and occasionally out and about in bars for fun. I work part time at a record store. I work full time for a company that makes music instruments. I run a small hobby record label. I play in bands. I am a music industry veteran of many decades. So yes, this ridiculous question does come up and often.

Last Summer during a hurricane our kitchen window literally was sucked out of its frame and spit out into the front yard. It was terrifying and was a wake up call to us. At the time I stored my records in the front of the apartment next to two big windows and if we could lost a front window at the hand of Mother Nature, could the windows by my records (and Kenny's computer) be next? A normal person would just go ahead and move things around there apartment to avoid the risk but when you own a crap ton of records, moving them isn't really a simple task. It is an 8 hour affair.

So six months went by and Richmond has been plagued lately by outrageous thunderstorms that are so powerful that they act like tornadoes in essence. After two serious extreme wind events I decided enough was enough.  We had to move my records and the computer ASAP.

We spent an entire Sunday swapping out our middle room for the front room and now I am relieved to have all our vinyl in one room (Kenny has one wall and I have the other) plus we have our turntables set up here and most of our music gear tucked in various corners. Needless to say our music room is finished! It still needs some cleaning up but the hard stuff is done.

As I await Phil E's hand picked set list for the upcoming Mount Eerie Cause & Effect, I decided to pull my own personal show and tell type set based off of newer used records in my personal collection. If you tune in from 7PM to 9PM on Thursday (tomorrow), July 19th, you can get a little sampling of music that I love and collect. While I love doing my usual theme of tracing an artist's musical roots, it is really nice to step out of those restrictions and just be me for a night. Tune into WRIR, 97.3fm for you locals or stream us live via the website.

I have been posting on our Facebook page examples of the kind of thing I will be playing but one thing should be made clear, I love many kinds of music so you will hear a wide variety of music from around the world.

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  1. Music room looks great! Like the toys up above the records.

    Yeah, being in DC, I've experienced the storms too! :o