December 31, 2007

Top 10 of 2007: # 3 - Peter Bjorn and John

Sometime last Spring a coworker mentioned a band that I had never heard of and that he hated them deeply, no.... passionately. Who was this PB&J (awwwweeeeee cute) and more curiously how did this band also have a blog called Stop Peter Bjorn and John - a site dedicated to loathing the Swedish group on their third record? I needed to investigate and what I discovered was a whole collection of nearly perfectly sculpted pop songs. I am talking about the kind of clever spotless melodies that burrow deep under your skin after just one listen and stay there. I am talking the kind of greatness that would allow PB&J to sit down with Paul McCartney and talk eye to eye about what classic pop material is made of and how they transition that theory like magic to their own song writing.

After looking more closely at the Stop PB&J site I am also pretty sure that it is one of the sliest publicity machine's a band or their label or their PR person or ??? could create. I know an anti-fan site when I see one and this ain't it.

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