December 19, 2007

Working on that Pesky Best of 2007 List

I don't know why people make their best of lists in early December. There are 31 days in this month and damn it you never know when that next amazing record might sneak up on you. Call me an optimist but I always have hope that there might be at least one spectacular 2007 late commer.

What I can tell you about 2007 so far:

I am ashamed to admit it took me until this year to really explore The Kinks and the early Cat Stevens catalog. That Wes Anderson guy is onto something with those soundtracks of his.

This will be the first year in the history of me making a top 10 music list that Bjork and or a new record of hers will not be on it. I didn't particularly fancy her new record (it sounds like a mash up of all her other records but not in a good way) nor can I say I felt moved by any of the live footage of her I watched this year either. She had a good 10 year run so an off year was bound to happen.

This is also the first year a comedy record will make it into my top 10. Maybe that says something about the quality of long players this year but more than anything after 7 months between two major injuries I needed an extra dose of funny.

A top 10 will soon follow....

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