February 12, 2009

Le Garage

I will be DJing at Cous Cous TONIGHT!!! Because it is a mere few days before Valentine's day I think I might try to dig up some snuggly buggly 60s sunshine pop to add into the mix. It isn't exactly dance material but it will be a nice toasty balance to the cold outside. I have also managed to dust off some amazing sexy 60's porn soundtracks as well as a gaggle of great girl group 45s.

Tonight from 11pm -2am w/ The Mangler.

Let's get it on!



  1. Anonymous 1/21/09, 10:48 PM

    You should offer a win a date with LG contest. Please?

  2. Nooooo way.

    Swingle yes.

    Desperate? No.

    I will however be accepting Valentine related treats. And just to be clear - I am a dark chocolate only fan, ha!