May 30, 2010

Sunn o))) Radio Show 6/3

The best thing about doing a weekly radio show featuring one artist or group is that occasionally they are willing to work with us to build the set list. This week Greg and Stephen of Sunn o))) have supplied us with all sorts of lists of bands to build our set around. Not only will we be playing their favorite tracks from their discography but we will also be playing a crap ton of their previous bands and collaborations not to mention all the bands they have been influenced by and the groups that their peer group is composed of. The only drawback so far is that there are so much material to pick from that I don't know how for the life of me it will all fit in just two hours. Our show Cause & Effect is on WRIR ( every Thursday from 7PM to 9PM East Coast time)

This picture was taken by me a few years ago when Sunn o))) played the church in Philadelphia. One of them had hung their robe up backstage and I snapped off a shot of it with my Polaroid. (Captiva to be more sepcific.) When I scanned in the image, I played with it a bit and this was the final result. It has in turn become one of my favorite band related photos I can taken over the years. If for some reason you want to use it or repost it, that is fine and dandy. Just give me, Lightning's Girl the credit please.

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