September 3, 2010

Hey Broadcast Fans

Check out Principal Edwards Magic Theater.

I am listening to their 1969 Soundtrack and thinking Broadcast has to be into this band. John Peel's label Dandelion released it originally and it looks like Cherry Red reissued it.


  1. Tommy Dski 9/4/10, 8:54 PM

    Please let us know when/if the podcast becomes available.

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. Tommy Dski 9/4/10, 8:55 PM

    Oops, I meant the Tim M interview.

    My bad.

  3. I will be posting just the music (as the interview was done in email form in the list of tracks tim picked) soon, promise! I am having computer woes so I actually need to buy a new laptop this weekend and then pick up the editing software to edit / mix the set. Sorry for the delay but i promise, the songs choices are so great that they will be worth the wait!