September 16, 2010

Sept 16th, 2010 : Cause & Effect : MATADOR 21

Tonight on WRIR from 7pm to 9pm I will taking us all for a nice stroll down memory lane. Looking over the collection of ridiculously good music, dare I say classics, it still blows my mind that we have just one label to thank for it.

There are two more reasons for me to celebrate with this show - both selfish ones:

1) My fella and I are among the lucky few who got tickets to the Las Vegas extravaganza. Check out the lineup! (See left). And they just added The Clean to this event too - HOLY CRAP. Besides being an all round swell band I am not sure how exactly they fit into the bill but if being brilliant song writers is reason enough for me. We plan on posting a recap of the event here so stay tuned for pictures, reviews, and who knows what other Vegas madness. We have some friends playing this fest so not only do I look forward to seeing them play but all the bands who helped raise me in good old fashioned indie rock in the first place. I am especially giddy about seeing Come as I think out of all the old bands playing, they are the only ones I don't think I ever saw play live. I've worshiped their records for years and I get weak in the knees knowing I finally get a chance to see them do their thing live.

2) I just saw the images for the Matador charity box set - good lord. I should probably start saving my pennies for this now. Or wait...maybe I will get strike it big in Vegas and win enough money there to splurge on such a worthy purchase. I guess this means I need to play blackjack (21!) or place my money on 21 red at the roulette table. I sorta feel like I got lucky just by getting tickets to these Vegas but who knows, anything is possible. Just ask The Clean.

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