April 15, 2011

About Record Store Day : TOMORROW

If only the general public was this excited about buying music the other 364 days of the year. Artists and record labels release limited cool records every week people. Every week. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the buzz RSD creates for record stores and the music being released on the big day, God knows the music industry could use all the help it can get, but there appears to be a disconnect in the weeks and months following it.

Do music fans not realize that these same artists they are fawning over for their limited RSD titles also release equally as limited and interesting things during other times of the year? There is so much fantastic music out there in record form (ok,and some terrible ones too) to be explored all year long. I urge anyone who is planning to fight the crowds tomorrow to keep going back to your local record stores the rest of the year.

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