August 21, 2012

Universe People Signs to Little Black Cloud Records

In case you missed reading this on my record label site - I signed a new band!

Once upon a time there was band from Seattle, WA called Welcome on Fatcat Records that I liked a lot. I mean A LOT. 

In fact I worshiped their album  Sirs   so much  that I named it my favorite record in 2007. I loved them for their strangely wonderful combination of raw '60s mod garage Rock with the cool Kim Deal side of the Pixies blended in. They delivered an unbelievably interesting combination of something old and new but they sadly  faded away. leaving fans like me hoping that someday an offshoot band would sprout up. 

Enter Universe People in 2012 and one very happy me.

Welcome's female bass/volcalist player Jo Claxton has a new band and I enjoyed their songs so much I pretty much begged to put them out. I worship their angular female fronted energy that has the power of UK Riot Grrrl bands like Huggy Bear with a post punk dose of The Fall added in. 
(Also for fans of  Delta 5 Country Teasers, Wire, Dolly Mixture, The Stranglers,  and  The Breeders  off the top of my head )

So there it is. We have a new member of the Little Black Cloud Record's family : Universe People!

Their debut album will be released February 12th
,   2013   but in the meantime enjoy their  band page  and follow them on  Facebook . A video is in the works right now for their first single so stay tuned for that in weeks to come! 

Read on for their official bio:

Once upon a time, Jo Claxton accidentally wandered from her hometown of Sydney, Australia and ended up in Seattle, WA. In 2010, several years and several bands later, she approached Kellie Payne to play bass and sing with her. The idea was to make simple, angular songs based around sweet but stark girl-vocal harmonies. Jo had recorded six demos in her basement in the winter of 2010 to get things rolling. Next, Jo needed some drums, so she contacted the ever-popular drummer about town named Dave Ramm. This was in a vanishingly small window of time when he was not actually in a band, in March 2011. Universe People were born and began playing out in Seattle. Early in 2012, they recorded 10 songs for a full length LP at the all analog Pool Recording Studio, in Portland OR.

Dave also plays drums in Wimps, and Kellie plays drums in Eyes and Teeth.

Don’t mistake Universe People for a Czech-Slovak UFO space cult. But they could melt your brain and take you to outer space if you let them. Let them!


  1. Congratulations! A very promising development!!!

  2. Plus, I think I'm gonna like this, as I'm a huge fan of clipboard rock. ;)

  3. I like an organized band, ha!